Captain's Log
Voyage 06/23
19 March 2023

Day 6 – Ashore to explore

Ahoy there shipmates and land dwellers! It’s Hugo and Sarah here. We had another great day aboard the Young Endeavour. We started the day with another early morning after a long night of anchor watches. We woke up at 6:30 with the song of the day “Here Comes the Sun”, played some games (card bingo) and for some a cloudy sunrise climb up the foremast. After an amazing breakfast from lovely Haydo and our morning brief we began the happiest hour of the day – cleanos / happy hour.

Once the ship was clean, we were told over the speaker that the pool was open! We all grabbed our swimmers and got a safety brief and a demo of the giant rope swing from Seb. We entered the water around the boat, by jumping right in! We then spent the morning doing the swing, swimming in the ocean, jumping off the bow and chilling on the lily pad. And we finished off the swim with the epic conclusion of our Captain performing a back flip from the rope swing with his red crocks and socks!

Then after the fun was had, and after everyone got cold, we all warmed up and got greeted by a lovely lunch of cooked steaks, pork cutlets, pig in blankets and roast veggies. After everyone was well fed, we got another safety brief about going to shore – to Portland – and entering and exiting the boat. We then packed the dry bags and headed to shore, in small batches of six. We then spent the afternoon on the beach of Portland, playing a variety of ballgames and soaking in the sun. Next we split up into our watches and discussed the progression of out voyage thus far and our goals that we set earlier in the voyage. With time to kill we explored the town of Portland and had time to go shopping at Woollies! Getting snacks and treats to take back to the ship.

Upon our return to the ship, we were greeted with the sight of Haydo and the Captain on the deck, with the barbeque. After a little time to ourselves, we reconvened to share a dinner of a sausage sizzle, good company and a sunset. When we finished dinner, we then again split up into our watches to discuss and write our own personal Start, Stop and Continues. This activity explored habits and goals we want to develop throughout the voyage and in regular life, once we return. These will be included in our letters to ourselves, which will be sent to us six months after the conclusion of the voyage.

Goodnight from Sarah and Hugo!!

Shoutout to the Reid/Buckstars, Koala Lou I do love you! And shoutout to Dyer family we love you!! See you when we get back!