Captain's Log
V06/22 Geelong to Sydney
26 March 2022

Day 6 – Jervis Bay

Ahoy there dear readers, as I write this we have just departed Jervis Bay and are “bound for Botany Bay”. Navigation training and sail handling consolidation will take place overnight, as final preparations for their Command Day commencing on Monday. Youth Crew are coming along very nicely indeed and I have no doubt that they will all be successful. I feel they have all grown so much already… Anyway, please enjoy tonight’s log with Mia and Brodie.

Captain Adam Charlie Farley+


With Jervis Bay on the top of everyone’s schedule, we woke up to happy faces, with a few tired crew members after a night of teamwork and leadership practice in preparation for Command Day. Many enjoyed Ash’s breakfast out on the deck, before being shortly rained out soon after. With everyone donned in their waterproof jackets, we set the staysail and braced the yards hard to port.


The rain came to a stop, with rainbows meeting us during our morning brief. We discussed our plans for the day (which were flexible, FYI) and learnt about how black cats weren’t superstitious to sailboats after all. We looked out to see that Jervis Bay was less than an hour away, leading to a very snappy Happy Hour. James and Maddy ran teamwork games to fill in the time before we anchored at Jervis Bay, with ‘Chicken Salt’ coming in a close second to ‘Pizza’.


We arrived to Jervis Bay’s white sands, which were a welcoming sight to all after two full days at sea. Alas, we did not even get to touch said white sand, as Chucky took small groups of six at a time to HMAS Creswell. All touched the grass and hugged trees, but with sea legs still being an impending factor on balance. Once all arrived, we kicked off (literally) with some sports games. We completed our land adventures and returned to the ship.


To finish off the afternoon, we all went for a dip in the pool (or so the ocean was called). Everyone had a turn on the rope swing (with Brodie walking on water??) and many failed flip attempts were held, but at the end of the day Captain Charlie was the only one who pulled off a double spin backflip.


After showers and a quick change of clothes, dinner was served. It was a Mexican night, although it wasn’t a Tuesday. Some underestimated the true spice of the chicken and cauliflower filling, allowing those to follow to not make the same mistakes. The majority of the youthies wound down for the night with competitive games of UNO, as well as other games. Night watches started, with the Red Dogs (aka the best) kicking off the night with immaculate vibes. Overall, we couldn’t have asked for a more relaxing day as we make our way up to Sydney.


Youthies Mia and Brodie


Ps1 – Is the house quiet without me??… Hope you’re not missing me too much Mum, Dad, Soph and Dyl. xx -Brodie
Ps2 – Mum can you please give Sunny extra pats for me, and keep the boys out of my room xxxx – Mia
Ps3- Hey mum, Alby here saying hi!




35 05 S / 150 54 E


Weather: Cloudy. Wind: 075 @ 10kts. Swell: 220 @ 1m. Temp: 17.