Captain's Log
V06/22 Geelong to Sydney
25 March 2022

Day 5 – Enter the Tasman Sea

Ahoy there families and friends, hope you are all well and aren’t missing us too much!

Friday means floral shirts day which started out with Red watch’s beautiful voices singing to us over the loud speaker, as we continued sailing to Jervis Bay. When the night time watches came to a close, the day time watches began. But of course we devoured a most scrumptious breakfast made by our beloved Ash. After breakfast came our daily morning debrief and of course happy hour!


The day was filled with watches, obtaining new information, revising goals and rope races. Captain Charlie went through sail theory with us giving us the basics of how to use sails to gain the best advantage over the rough seas. Lunch was subway day, so after building the perfect sandwich and devouring it, we moved on to rope races!


White watch took the lead at 12 points leaving Red and Blue watch to eat their bubbles. We were tested on sheets, furling lines etc helping us to deepen our understanding of the amazing tall ship we are on. In our watches (Red, Blue and White) we recapped the goal we set on day 1, and how we can achieve and improve them. This lead to some climbing of the main mast and ticking off goals.


Emma gave us a run down on pressure systems around Australia and detailed how they can be advantages and disadvantages to all sailing ships. While Blue watch was left to finish off their watch the other watches received some much needed downtime.


Dinner was served at 17:15 and was very diverse making for a delicious meal as always, thank you Ash! Now as night time watches begin we say goodnight and see you all soon-ish!

Drue and Gracie


P.S Happy birthday to Drue’s little sister Penelope who turned 9 today. We all hope you had an awesome day and ate lots of cake.


36 31 S / 150 14 E


Weather: Fine. Wind: 131 @ 5kts. Swell: S @ 0.5m. Temp: 17.