Captain's Log
V06/22 Geelong to Sydney
22 March 2022

Day 2 – Enter the Bass Strait

Ahoy dear readers, Day 2 of our voyage began at anchor in the vicinity of Portarlington today, safe and snug. A gorgeously gloomy and dark dawn greeted us, as Sailmaster Dion commenced the day with a 0630 Early Morning Activity on deck, prompting realisation and appreciation of the here and now.


Ash knocked up some breakie and we weighed anchor at 0700 to commence our transit out of Port Phillip. On the way we conducted a morning brief at 0800 where the plan for the day was hatched before youth crew were introduced to more safety equipment and life saving paraphernalia by Matty, our survival and safety equipment expert. Then safety equipment was swapped for cleaning equipment as ‘happy hour’ kicked off, and Youth Crew cleaned the ship fore and aft. As they say, a clean ship is a happy ship.


Then just before lunch, each watch negotiated Full Value Contracts to hold each other to account, ladies and gents, to ensure maximum participation and support to achieve positive voyage outcomes for one and all. Lunch was demolished as we motored towards the infamous Rip… Hotdogs and chili/plum duck breast BTW. Yum.


Upon exiting the Port Phillip heads AKA the Rip, sail handling drills got underway, with setting and furling of the fore, main and the topgallant staysails. Then, when deemed competent, the mainsail and jib were set and we conducted a couple of tacks to ensure all know where to go and what to do. Successfully completing tacking stations, we shaped a course across the Bass Strait.


Of course there were some green faces folks, but that’s how it goes… and the fish were happy 🙂 Impressively, those suffering from the old mal de mer, cracked on with their duties… watch-on-deck duties of helming, lookout and rounds responsibilities, as each watch will rotate 4 hours about overnight, while the other watches sleep. Anyway, a fantastic day and well done youth crew.


Goodnight and sleep tight everybody.


Captain Adam Charlie Farley+


38 51 S / 145 20 E


Weather: Cloudy. Wind: SW @ 15. Swell: S @ 1m. Temp: 18.