Captain's Log
Voyage 05/23
6 March 2023

Day 8 – Command Day

Today marked the beginning of the day that much of our youth crew was looking forward to, Command Day! The day started early with the overnight anchor watches before the Youth Crew were shaken from their slumber with “Into The Unknown” playing over the pipe at 0630. A game of sea-themed “Evolution” was played on the midships before a delicious brekky fit for a full-on day. After brekky, it was time for the morning brief and Happy Half-Hour.

Then came the command part of the day. With Command Day handover scheduled for 1000, the elected command team did “opposites”, which was when each nominated role had a discussion with their respective staffie to ensure they were aware of what their role entails. This went well, and before we knew it was 1000 and the ship was put into the capable hands of the elected command team.

Before lunch, Sailmaster Tilly and Watch Leaders Phoebe, Frosty and Poppy designated new tacking stations within the new Command Day watches (Frozen Watch- Frosty, Wombat Watch- Poppy and Bay Watch- Phoebe). This was a useful exercise as there are now less hands in the crew team and the original tacking stations are no longer possible.

It was then finally time for a delicious American BBQ themed lunch of loaded hot dogs and mac and cheese by our incredible elected chefs (Jorjah, Jackson and Georgie). This gave us the energy to brave the wind and climb aloft for our full youthie photo!

It was then finally time to weigh anchor at about 1540. We motored our way out of our anchorage off Kangaroo Island and got to work setting sails and bracing yards. This was a challenge for all due to crazy winds and swell, but tasks were still completed with spirits high. This took us through to dinner time prepared by the legendary chefs. They somehow managed to prepare an incredible meal of Portuguese Chicken, Chilli Con Carne and rice while the galley kitchen window was vanishing under the waves and the swell was causing the ship to roll side to side. They are absolute superstars!

It is currently time for overnight watches, and so far everyone is absolutely smashing it, braving the rain and wind to get the job done. Navigator Garry and Watch Officer Lewis have also been doing an amazing job of keeping us as on track as possible from the chart room.

The weather may be absolutely wild at the moment, but our youthies are sticking together and working hard to keep our beautiful ship on the move and keep our vibes high!

Captain Inara out 🙂


35 27 S / 137 54 E


Weather: Overcast with passing showers. Wind: SW @ 25. Swell: W @ 1.5m. Temp: 17.