Captain's Log
Voyage 05/23
4 March 2023

Day 6 – A new day, a new dawn.

A new day, a new dawn. The night began with anchor watches, nice and easy playing games like uno and monopoly deal. Zeze may have won a good deal of games during that time. Moving on the dawn continued to rise without a hitch, leading to a fun morning wakey wakey, as we woke to the song Barbie Girl chosen by Frosty. Then we all did some light yoga with Katie. Not going to lie it was a bit tough and made us realise how inflexible we are.

Then we had a bbq breakfast consisting of bacon, hash brown, fried eggs and a variety of condiments. After that we conducted the Colours ceremony and then morning brief. After this was all concluded we all went up the yards to tie the gaskets on the topgallant, topsail and course sail where we saw many dolphins surf the bow waves which was pretty spectacular. After we all climbed down, we were given a very interesting lesson from our beautiful and wonderful (ed. Their words I swear!), Captain Charlie Farley about sail theory.

Next was lunch which was banh mi with sides of penne pasta and salads cooked by the wonderful Ash (always love your food) and served by todays master chefs Georgie, Lewis and Suki (cheers lads) after lunch all the watches gathered together and prepped for tomorrows activities by learning and reinforcing how to set and furl a number of the staysails, as well as learning the difference between tacking and wearing and how to do both. This went on until around 16:30 where we were called for dinner which was also scrumptious. This was a wonderful time as we reminisced about the shows we used to watch.

Now the watches will carry out their watch duties until morning where we really start to sail by ourselves. Until then signing off Andrew, Frosty (AKA Curtis) and Zeze.

Special mentions/shoutouts:

Emily – “Hi fam, love you all and I miss you Holly”

Zahra – “Sis please don’t let Sanaz touch my stuff, hugs and kisses from me”

Andrew – “Love you all at home. I hope you aren’t missing me too much ;)”


35 25 S / 137 06 E


Weather: Fine. Wind: SE @ 10. Swell: Nil. Temp: 16.