Captain's Log
V05/22 Adelaide to Geelong
7 March 2022

Day 8 – Command Day

Pipe the wakey wakey and hold onto your socks, it’s time for your Captain’s log. Today marked the beginning of Command Day where the youth crew took the reins and headed out for a joy ride.


The day started of as it usually does, with Seamen Ash yelling uncontrollably at the wake up song, bringing a glint of joy to all those in the twelve birth. After a delicious breakfast from everyone’s favourite cook, Command Day kicked off at 12:30pm. The handover ceremony was conducted by Captain Charlie Farley to captain elect Sinta Baker. The keys to the ship, the navigation instructions and the task list were handed over, hence forth marking the transfer of command responsibility.


As the engines were turned off, the youth crew had to make use of the multiple sails that we have been trained in over the last week in order to reach our destination. With rough seas and gale winds, the youthie watch leaders rallied their sailors and got to the task of setting sails to catch the wind and ride the tide.


Our Sail Master Emily demonstrated her expertise in coordinating and executing the setting and furling of each sail on board. Our Navigators Matt and Tiarna were responsible for determining our sail course and ensuring we reached our waypoints on time. They worked tirelessly throughout the day, studying our trajectory and plotting our course that involved bracing the yards hard to starboard and wearing the ship.


Meanwhile, our brave sailors on deck fought the elements and climbed aloft on the main and foremast to cast loose the gaskets on the sails preparing to set them. Some of our brave sailors fell victim to motion and seasickness, but through perseverance our sail was set and our way was paved. Our wonderful chefs Kal and Alina worked arduously in the galley to produce a tasty Asian-inspired meal for dinner.


Despite cooking whilst standing at a consistent 45° angle, with vegetables flying left to right, they did not fail to deliver a fantastic dinner for everyone on board. We are now getting some well-deserved sleep then settling into our overnight anchor watches, for what is sure to be an action packed day tomorrow.

Yours Aye,

Liam Crough and Sinta Baker+


38 20 S / 144 53 E


Weather: Fine. Wind: 145 @ 12. Swell: Nil. Temp: 18.