Captain's Log
V05/22 Adelaide to Geelong
4 March 2022

Day 5 – Southern Ocean

Ahoy there land folk! Today we awoke to floral Friday, at 0700 to ‘Beautiful Day’ by U2 as we were greeted by rain and wet decks.


From 2000 yesterday to 0800 this morning the watches rotated on 4hr shifts on the bridge controlling the helm. As well as this we completed a ‘Bear X’ exercise. This exercise tested our teamwork skills, including communication, time management, working towards a common goal and our knowledge of sails and the ship. We completed this task with little to no assistance from our watch leaders. This task was also completed in the dark of the night, having very low visibility, making it a very difficult but we were able to overcome it as a team.


On Bluey’s watch this morning at sunrise, they saw a whale whilst climbing the foremast. The Reddie’s started their 0800 watch greeted by a massive pod of dolphins, 30 or so and a singular seal. At morning briefing at 0900 we had a visit from Nana who collected our unstowed belongings, shout out to Matt and Ash who were quadruple offenders!


Throughout the morning, we had plenty of practice setting and furling sails, Youthies had the opportunity to make the calls as the watch leaders. For lunch today we were treated to a lovely quiche and BBQ ribs. After lunch we played ‘Ropies’ were Sumo introduced the Joker card, this card allowed one watch member from each watch to get double points if they got the correct answer or lose points if they were incorrect.


After completing this fun and competitive game we got into our wet weather gear as it was pouring down on deck drenching everyone. Whilst on deck we had a briefing from Chucky about the ‘Rules of the Road’, were we learnt about the different buoys in the water and how to properly navigate around oncoming vessels.


After our briefing we came into the galley with a new change of dry clothes, having some tea and biscuits whilst having our mid voyage chats with our watch leaders. Now settling into our night watches.


Kaleb Delaney and Emily McMaster+


38 23 S / 140 59 E


Weather: Fine. Wind: 270 @ 6. Swell: SW @ 1.5m. Temp: 18.