Captain's Log
V05/22 Adelaide to Geelong
2 March 2022

Day 3 – Big Blue Brigantine

Ahoy there family, friends and loved ones,


Today the youth crew woke up to red watches’ wonderful singing to the song “yellow submarine”(/big blue brigantine) by the Beetles, from which they got ready for the day and filled their bellies with pancakes and homemade chocolate sauce, topped with their choice of fruit and maple syrup.


After breakfast we had our morning brief where we met salty the mystical nautical figure and then did another round of “happy hour” (cleaning the ship). Later we gathered at midships where we learnt some sailing theory and put it to the test through tacking the ship, and furling and setting the sails.


As we were getting ready for lunch a man overboard exercise surprised us so we moved into the stations we were told to and followed orders for rescue and recovery. Next up we had a round of “ropeys” where watches were pitted against each other to race and find equipment on board.


We anchored offshore of Kangaroo Island at 1200, where we got ready in swimmers and took a motorboat to the beach and had a swim, played games, and got to know each other more. We came back for showers and laundry about 2 hours later, and after a delicious barbeque dinner we gathered at midships to impersonate and test ourselves on how well we know our crewmates. There were a lot of laughs shared “hahahahaha.”


Finally, we learnt some theory on anchorage to help us with our anchor watches tonight, starting at 2300. The day was ended with a few youth crew laying aloft, whilst the rest of us started getting ready for bed. Overall the day was a blast and we learnt a lot, and of course look forward to tomorrow’s adventures.


Today’s youth crew cloggers,


Em G and Tiarna


035° 34 S / 137° 32 E