Captain's Log
3 April 2013

V05/13 Day 9 – Sea to Hunters Bay

Ahoy there again, So Command day is done and we made it! We hit the 5th objective at 2345 Sunday night, concluding our dream run of passing within less than 1 nm of each waypoint. The staff took the con just outside the heads of the harbour. Whilst the Youth Crew Watch Officer that was currently on duty, Tim, remained on the helm, Captain Mike conned the ship into the anchorage. Yellow watch having the first watch of the night did the brunt of the heavy lifting in the later hours of the voyage, sheeting out sails to adjust for the wind and furling and brailing sails. Jesse, Kirstin, Jess and Damon volunteered to climb the main mast and sea furl the mainsail, which ended in an impromptu shower 20 feet in the air! We weighed anchored at 0010 much to the surprise of the girls in the 12 berth, who were rudely woken up with the drop of the anchor. A few confused faces arose and quickly disappeared below deck. The crew woke to the beautiful Balmoral beach. The morning flew by with teams working busily across the ship completing our remaining tasks, Brynne and Catherine constructed a hammock at midships that supported the entire youth crew (+ a few hangers on)! Shona and Lyesha drew a beautiful mural depicting the team’s time onboard. We rounded-up command day with a mini-olympics and deck games with first prize going to Radar for the most epic water entry. Two days left with the half day sail tomorrow, thanks again to the team for their efforts in making command day and the voyage run so smoothly. For the final time Yours Youth Crew Captain Tom Ahoy there Shipmates, As Youth Captain Tom detailed, the Command day for the Youth Crew was an incredible journey, a day filled with individual and team discovery, challenges, rewards, lessons, friendships and beauty. Now that the Youth Crew have settled into overnight anchor watches the intention is to weigh anchor early tomorrow morning and proceed alongside the Fleet Base at Woolloomooloo where we will berth and embark our half day sail guests, depart for three hours at sea before returning them back alongside and sailing once more for our last night on the ship to complete the adventure that is Young Endeavour. Until tomorrow evening. Yours Aye Captain Mike           “ 


33° 47' South / 151° 15' East


At anchor in Hunters Bay, weather fine, wind ESE 15 kn, swell ESE 0.5 m, temp 19 deg C.