Captain's Log
27 February 2013

V05/13 – Day 4 – Batemans Bay to Sea

Ahoy there Shipmates,We had a great night at anchor off Maloneys Beach, Batemans Bay, with the wind gently rocking the ship overnight. Youth Crew got their first experience of anchor watches, during which they were responsible for monitoring the safety of the Ship through the night.Wakey wakey (Van Halen’s ‘Jump’) over the Ship’s broadcast stirred those not on watch out of their slumber at 0700 and motivated everyone to get up on deck to take advantage of a morning swim and rope swing prior to one of Luke’s scrumptious ‘teak deck’ BBQ breakfasts.Watch Officer Tim then ferried the Youth Crew ashore in the Ship’s rigid-hulled inflatable boat (RHIB) to Maloneys Beach to undertake an interesting variety of beach games organised by Sandy, one of the two ‘Supers’ on this voyage. The organised sport was followed by a little free time for a leisurely swim. The crew then returned onboard for a quick shower followed by a yummy smorgasboard lunch.This was followed by a briefing on navigation presented by Navigator Caitlin.On Completion we launched into ‘Happy Hour’ to ensure the Ship was clean and tidy before putting to sea.We weighed anchor at 1310 and departed Batemans Bay to commence our overnight passage to Jervis Bay. As a consequence of a northerly breeze we only set the fore-and-aft sails and commenced tacking up the coast. The Last Dog watch had to break-out the Ship’s wet weather gear as we passed through extensive areas of rain during their watch.It is planned to remain at sea overnight and enter Jervis Bay in the morning, taking advantage of the relative shelter of the bay against the weather associated with the cold front forecast to pass through the area tomorrow.Until tomorrow evening.Yours AyeCaptain MikePS. I now have the capability to include photos in my log so find one attached as a tester. “ 


35° 32' South / 150° 30' East


Wind NE - 25 knots, Swell ENE 2 metres, Temp 21 deg C