Captain's Log
Voyage 04/23
19 February 2023

Day 7 – Penneshaw, Kangaroo Island

Arrrr, ahoy there, I like the cut of your jib, fine lines fore and aft!

Before an exciting morning activity, we conducted our first anchor watches. In teams of three we were handed responsibility of the ship, in gratefully short, one hour watches.

Our exciting morning activity was a climb of the foremast by the entire youth crew, to watch a spectacular and colourful sunrise from the yards, platforms and ratlines.

After another breakfast where many large appetites were filled we spent the morning with everyone’s favourite – Happy Hour, getting the ship back to spick and span. We then were given some free time where many took the chance to get some much needed laundry done. Following this we had some fun on deck playing some jump rope with the jib sheet.

After another beautiful lunch by our onboard magician Haydo (and the junior MasterChef’s), we set off to step on land for the first time in what feels like an eternity. In groups of six we were shuttled by our RHIB (rigid hull inflatable boat) to Penneshaw beach on the beautiful Kangaroo Island. We spent our afternoon playing in the waves, taking a very scenic walk through the scrub and seeing lots of wallabies. Just before leaving, we stopped in at the local store and stocked up with some “healthy snacks”.

When we arrived back onboard did some small tasks before enjoying another wonderful dinner!

After dinner we weighed anchor and ran through some demonstrational tacking in preparation for our command day to ensure our capability and confidence. We ran through these tacks until the sun set and we fell into our night watches. We’ll remain at sea overnight in the St Vincent Gulf, conducting final preparations and fine tuning of all our skills.

Lots of love to all following along at home.

Noah, Will, Ruby.

Shoutout – “I’d like to make a shout out to my mum and dad back in Quorn! I’m having lots of fun, people are nice, but I do miss home and I can’t wait to come home! And to my not twin twinly-half, pied piper brother Simon, I’m glad you’re here. :)” – Ruby


35 33 S / 138 02 E


Weather: Fine. Wind: SSE @ 15-20kts. Swell: E @ 0.2m. Temp: 19.