Captain's Log
Voyage 04/23
17 February 2023

Day 5 – Hands to tacking stations!

Ahoy there matey’s! Just us ocean hounds checking in so you know we are alive.

It’s White Watch here to share the odyssey of the Young Endeavour 04/23 Day 5. Today was an early start conducting Guts Watch (0000-0400), spirits were high and so were our climbing skills. Members of our watch climbed the main mast to tie gaskets in order to pack away the mainsail. To keep us awake, the sea blessed us with a sight of Aurora Australis and a spectacular moon rise.

Moving on through the day, the Captain himself shared insight of his wisdom surrounding the sailing of the sea, then for the most exciting event of the day…. ROPE RACES! It was a tough couple of rounds however white watch came out on top. The final race being a fruitoff, where Hugh, Ethol and Noah had to scoff down an apple as fast as possible. It was a close race and many chunks went flying however that wasn’t a problem for our watch member Hugh, who got us the W.

We then got into Tacking Stations and learnt to battle the wind. It was a crazy event, we had people from all different watches come together and act as one to get the job done. On top of the fun activities during the day, we were also blessed with the first blue sky that we hadn’t seen for a while, also an important mention was that all of White watch successfully completed the day without feeling the need to feed the fishes.

To finish the day, we climbed aloft and watched the sunset whilst on First watch (2000-0000), in for a long night. We cannot wait to touch land on Kangaroo Island tomorrow.

Special shoutout to the following people;

Haydo (Master Chefo) – Keep doing you, your food is 10/10.

Tarzan (Rhys) – Good job buddy for getting some colour back.

Tugs Mum and Dad – Tug says hello mum and dad!

Demon (Angel) – Miss you Chado, Hope Narla is being good, Love you!

Spider-Dan (Dan) – Sorry that I missed your birthday, I hope it as amazing as you are, Love Dan

HuugeYakMan (Hugh) – G’day all, much love. I’ll see you soon.

JackyBoy (Jack)- Hi mum, dad and the rest of the family, miss you all heaps, see ya soon

Debatron (Deborah) – Hi Mum, Dad, Jirah and Thomas! Sending love from the Southern Ocean 🙂

Marshal Tarsh (Tarsh) – Hi everyone back at home,  I miss you guys!


37 45 S / 139 24 E


Weather: Fine. Wind: 200 @ 8kts. Swell: SW @ 1m. Temp: 18.