Captain's Log
Voyage 04/23
15 February 2023

Day 3 – The Bathurst Channel

Ahoy, it’s the salty sea puppies of voyage 04/23, Chloe and Oli.

Our blissful slumber was abruptly ended at 0700 by the tunes of Mamma Mia (Young Endeavour Remix) (ft. Dion), and the crew, or at least those who felt like they could stomach breakfast after the rather tumultuous night at sea, assembled for a hearty breakfast cooked by the wonderful Haydo in the galley.

After what proved to be a long and arduous night battling the sea, the Crew were summoned to the midships for our morning brief, where we were graced with wisdom and introspection from our Captain. ‘Life is not quantified, nor measured by the number of breaths you take, rather, the moments that take your breath away” – beautifully apt.

Chats with Chucky and Talks with Tomo then started, beginning with the most beautiful rendition and interpretative dance of a Shania Twain classic to engage our sleepy minds and then sharing some seafaring wisdom with us, including some very important maritime lingo.

Shortly following, we set sail seeking refuge from the Southern Ocean in the pristine and spectacular Port Davey, venturing up the Bathurst Channel with views that seriously put Milford Sound to shame. It was a privilege to venture to such a place, so untouched by humans and to enjoy it in one of the only three ways it can be accessed (and arguably the best), by foot, air, or tall ship. Some of us even braved climbing the mast for the second day in a row to enjoy the beautiful scenery from aloft.

After a blissful and serene lunch in a location where time seemed to stand still, we once again ventured into the Southern Ocean commencing our bound across the drink for Adelaide. Upon entering the infamous stretch we were greeted by the locals, including Tassie fur seals and some rather spritely silly salmon (which we think might have actually been tuna) bidding us fair winds and farewell from the beautiful shores of Tasmania.

Rope races then began and were off to a competitive start, and were ultimately dominated by blue watch.  It was a fun and light-hearted way to consolidate and reflect on some of the vast knowledge we’ve acquired in the last three days at sea. Imagine how good we will be by Day 11!

Well, that’s us, we’d better get back to our watch for the night and then to bed for a solid night’s sleep.

Love and kisses to everyone at home, and hope you aren’t missing us too much! – Oli and Chloe


42 37 S / 144 52 E


Weather: Fine. Wind: NNW @ 15. Swell: NW @ 1m. Temp: 16.