Captain's Log
Voyage 04/23
14 February 2023

Day 2 – Into the Southern Ocean

Ahoy dear readers, the morning of day two found the ship anchored securely in North West Bay, in the vicinity of the lovely town of Snug. Wakey wakey was piped at 0630, with an Early Morning Activity (EMA) taking place on the chilly teak deck, as the sun rose up over northern Bruny Island.

Morning brief was conducted after the naval ceremony of Colours, where the plan for the day was hatched. Then it was off to grab harnesses, as it was over to Tug, our safety and survival equipment specialist, with a detailed harness and safety aloft briefing and everyone then laid aloft the foremast, climbing as high as they could go. I was super proud of everyone today as it wasn’t easy for most, but every single one of them pushed hard and had a red hot crack.

Of course there will be more challenges to come… Lunch was next, then it was time for cleaning stations, before it was back to Tug again with a more detailed brief of all ship fitted safety gear. At 1415 the ship weighed anchor and proceeded south into the D’Entrecasteaux Channel, conducting sail handling drills as we went.

It was a gorgeous day, with blue skies scattered with puffy cumulus clouds and just enough wind for our sail training purposes, then a herd of Australian Fur Seals (maybe 8 or so) swam by, eyeing us intently and giving a cheeky wave of their fins.

Then as we approached Cape Bruny and the Tasman Sea, youth crew commenced settling into their watch-on-deck duties, such as helming, lookout and engineering rounds. The swell then picked up ladies and gents, 2-3m from the SW as had been forecast, then we rounded South East Cape and thence into the Southern Ocean.

The intention is to remain at sea overnight, making ground for a wee visit to Port Davey, before continuing NW towards South Australia.

Yours Aye,

Captain Adam Charlie Farley+


43 39 S / 146 55 E


Conditions: Weather: Fine. Wind: W @ 13kts. Swell: SW @ 2.5m. Temp: 15.