Captain's Log
16 February 2024

Day 6 – Sea to Broken Bay and back to Sea

What up gang, Red watch (oohaha) back on comms!

This morning starting off bright and early Red Watch rose from their bunks, (hopefully not hitting their heads) to serve and protect Young Endeavour on the morning watch from 0400 to 0800. They had the very lucky chance to climb aloft and to see the sunrise, whilst the rest of the crew got the lucky blessing of a stunning rendition of ‘Livin’ on a prayer’ because WE ARE HALFWAY THERE!

Masterchefs turned up to let Ash bend them to her will and help her orchestrate breakfast. Afterward morning brief with the saltiest seadog around (and Staffies) we learnt more about our maritime greeting and that we would get to anchor today! After the brief the Youthies got to observe and participate in demonstrational tacks (which are changing the direction of the ship moving the sails and such into the wind). Which allows the Youthies to observe what goes on in the bridge while the rest work for preparation of Command day. Then the Youthies got briefed on sail theory from our marvellous Captain Mike, learning all about how sails work and how the wind affects what sails we can use.

Today’s anchorage was set in a small secluded beach in Broken Bay, letting each watch break up and talk about their experiences so far and mid-voyage goals and participate in some games run by Dan (the man). We all got to enjoy some sun, shade and a good swim in the refreshing waters and stunning scenery.

After that we all piled back onto the ship through relays on the our RHIB (ridged hull inflatable boat). We spent the rest of the day practicing setting some sails and then devoured a feast of butter chicken, naan and apple crumble for dessert (thank you Ash). Then we settled into our watches for the night.

Today: seven camels (a solid score)

Until the next morning watch.

Lots of love and stay groovy landies,.

Soraya and Alex

Red watch (oohaha!)


33 35.4' S / 151 43.0' E


Weather: fine; Wind: 015 at 12 Knots; Swell: NE at 1.0 m; Temp: 23 deg. C