Captain's Log
Voyage 03/23
1 February 2023

Day 4 – From Dusk ‘till Dawn

Hi Everyone,

 Welcome to Day 4 of our voyage. It’s been another busy day for the crew of Young Endeavour with plenty of activities to keep our young mariners busy. We did experience some rain this morning but the weather gods smiled upon us just as we weighed anchor with the sun coming out and the wind freshening from the WNW.

Once clear of Port Davey we put the ship under fore & aft sail and by late afternoon we had set the topsail which was the first time we have set a square sail this voyage. By early evening we had rounded SW Cape and are now settled into watches overnight and are enjoying some great sailing. 

That’s enough from me I will now handover to Jasper and Aria who have done a wonderful job of writing tonight’s Log. Until tomorrow, take care. Captain Gav


From dusk ‘till dawn, each group for anchor watches consisted of three people, each from different watches, and conducted rounds without the help from the staff for 2 and half hours which was definitely much easier and more relaxing from the four hour watches we did the previous day. This morning, we were at anchor in Port Davy to mist and drizzle and spectacular mountain views.

Due to the weather, we conducted morning brief inside after a delicious breakfast of porridge, eggs, toast and even spaghetti thanks to the legendary Haydo and his assistant master chefs. Our brains were slightly fried by a very informative lesson on navigation from Seb, but despite it involving a bit too much maths for that early in the morning, it was really interesting and gave us all a better idea of what on Earth is going on in the Chart House.

When that was all covered we had the choice of a siesta until lunch or to lay aloft (climb the mast) and loose the gaskets from topsail yard. It was only really a four person job but there were eight of us keen to go up, so the four who weren’t needed to cast loose the gaskets just went up to the course yard and stayed there a while taking in the scenery. Just as the gaskets had been loosened and we were on our way down, the rain started. Luckily most of us had already donned our wet weather gear, but Alistair got soaked through and Jasper couldn’t reach his hood and got a very wet head.

Once we were down lunch was ready so we sat down in the galley to steak with garlic gravy and Haydo’s delicious chicken pasta bake. In red watch, one of our goals is to try every different tea available on board and learn Morse code, so we had a tea with lunch and practiced the alphabet.

Then we left anchor and as we left Port Davy we had rope races in which a specific rope was called and one person from each watch had do find where it was located and the first person there was claimed the winner of that round. White watch came in clutch with the win, red watch second and blue watch finally put themselves on the board with a win from today’s races. We then set the forestay sail along with jib afterwards which proved to be difficult with the wind but was achieved with the help of some mighty teamwork.

After the wind went down, everyone was admiring the ocean on the upper decks with the sun finally out and shining, dinner was then served with an amazing selection of meals including curried sausages, steam veggies, pasta bake and potatoes and of course a special shoutout to Chucky’s mum for the excellent rhubarb from her garden served in the rhubarb ice cream for dessert.

Shoutout – Just wanna say hi to my Mum, my Dad, Thoria, Rory, Lawson and Fynn J I miss you guys so much and I can’t wait to tell you about all the amazing experiences I’ve had. I love you guys so much. See you guys when I get home xoxo J – Aria <3

Hello to Mum, Dad, Asher and of course Oyster Joe. Dad we definitely need to walk to Port Davy some day and all of you make sure to give OJ and the horses a scratch from me J – Jasper

Jasper and Aria signing out


43 42.4 S / 146 19.3 E


currently located 4nm to the SE of Maatsuyker Island sailing on a broad reach under fore & aft sail with topsail & course and experiencing strong 15-20kt NW winds with a 2m SW swell and the temperature is a cool 10 degrees but feels colder.