Captain's Log
Voyage 03/23
31 January 2023

Day 3 – Port Davey

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to Day 3 of our voyage. It’s been an action packed day with plenty of activities and a chance to climb a mountain and admire some spectacular scenery in the beautiful Port Davey which would have to be one of the most remote parts of our wonderful country and a place that we on board Young Endeavour feel privileged to visit.

That’s enough from me I will now handover to youthies Summer and Tiff who have done a wonderful job of writing tonight’s Log. Until tomorrow, take care. Captain Gav


Ahoy there from Summer and Tiff,

Day 3 starts off in the early hours of the morning where night watches commenced for the first time on the voyage. As advised, the Youthies take their sea sick tablets for the busy and exciting watch ahead, but the excitement was short lived for some of our Youthies. Paper bags and the open ocean became almost everyone’s best friend, with stomachs turning, even with the help of the sayo biscuits to try and keep it down, we all raced to a spot on the side of the ship to throw up.

Red watch started at 23:45, making our way from Quarantine Bay through the rough seas aiming to complete over 110 nautical miles to get to our anchorage for the night. Within five minutes of the watch, heads were out the side of the boat with Matty and Evan telling us to clip our harnesses on the railing so we don’t fall in, and to be honest with you all, all we were concentrating on was not to throw up which was proven difficult.

After watch was up, it was a very quiet breakfast as most of us Youthies were sleeping. Once almost everyone was awake, the morning briefing was called where we completed our first rope races, where of course, red watch won. The rope races finished and the not so happy, Happy Hour began where us Youthies cleaned up the lower deck, well, tried too. The constant swaying of the ship began to arise the Youthies from the lower deck up to Mid Ships where designated spots for throwing up awaited us.

At 13:00 we arrived at Port Davey in much calmer seas where we anchored. A short briefing was held and we were advised that we were to be taken into shore for the first time on this voyage. Salty sea puppies, turned into tree huggers once we arrived to shore. A quick game of red light green light was played, conducted by Chucky while we were waiting for the other youthies to arrive from the ship to shore.

As everyone decided we all wanted to go for a hike, we made our way up Milner Mountain where we took in the breathtaking scenery from the top and took some happy snaps for well-made memories. Once we recovered from the hike, we all went into the water up to our knees and we then made our way back to the ship where Haydo, Hoppy and Captain Gav had cooked up a storm on the BBQ.

With everyone’s stuffed bellies, anchor briefs were mentioned and the 3 way chats got everyone laughing to end the night off for activities, still with anchor watches throughout the night. And a special mention to Shaun, as he said we have to put his name in so we get chocolate.

Shoutout to Mum, Dad, Tyler, Lachie and fam, as well as Mum, Garry, Brandi, Curtis and fam, we both miss you a lot.

Fair winds and following seas,

Summer and Tiff


Lat  43 19.4 S / Long 145 59.9 E


Currently at anchor in Port Davey and enjoying light NW winds with nil swell and the current temperature is a cool 13 degrees.