Captain's Log
Voyage 02/23
24 January 2023

Day 9 – Command Day Part 2

CLOG (Captains log) nine kicks off in the blur of an intense night: ALL HANDS TO TACKING STATIONS!

At 2245 we urgently needed to tack to ensure we made it to our waypoint on time. With spirits alive, we manouvered our ship with confidence, however, the decision from command was made to resort to motor sailing due to wacky wispy winds and predicaments beyond prediction.

The night owls on the bridge enlightened us to their astoundingly diverse and at times harmonious musical talent with their rendition of ‘Hooked on a Feeling’ at the 0650 wake-up call, shooting us out of bed to furl all sails except the main staysail.

We briefed at 0715 and breakfasted shortly after on the cooks’ nutritious and delicious omelettes, having been entertained by stories of Staminade. Happy hour saw us scrutinisingly scrubbing and pitilessly polishing till our ship was nice and clean and in a state to hand over, and the keys were solemnly returned to the reinstated Capt. Charlie Farley at 1000.

We “saw Esta” (siesta) and feasted on some sumptuous and scrumptious bangers, mash, pies, and vegies. This fuelled us for our expedition ashore to Port Arthur. We were looking at the ruins of asylums and penitentiaries whilst pondering “how’s the serenity?” as we were enveloped by the vibrant, fresh, and luscious landscape.

Our souls were cleansed on the invigorating trip back on board via Salty Airways™. Our souls were then promptly nourished by more of Ash’s unmatched culinary capabilities, with tunes, dancing, and feasting on deck.

We then took time to reflect on the challenges and rewards of the last 24 hours – of Command Day – meditating on the takeaways from the exercise, with guidance from our wonderful Captain & Crew. They made clear to us the importance and complexities of such ideas as resilience, communication, and challenge so we can be better prepared for our futures, whether aboard or off board.

The rest of the night will see us on anchor watches, getting ready for Hobart, and most of all catching some hard-earned rest.

Signing off,
Gemma and Henry

Shout-out: Hi Fam! I hope you’re all well, and ready to be bombarded with photos and stories of this adventure of mine for a very long time. I will see you all soon – Gemma

Shout-out: Hi Mum and Dad, I presume you’re still reading the clogs (Capt. Charlie Farley’s lexical invention, by the way), so here I am. Command day was really fun, and the whole trip has been such a great and varied experience. I hope your trip is going great. See you soon. – Henry