Captain's Log
Voyage 01/23
10 January 2023

Day 8 – Ahoy Port Phillip

Ahoy dear readers, the morning of day 8 found the ship mid Bass Strait, transiting from Deal Island to The Rip. The winds were fair and the seas were following, so it was a relatively comfortable night as youth crew were put through their paces once more, conducting a teamwork exercise during their night watch. A nice little taster prior to Command Day, which is nigh ladies and gents… very nigh.

At 0630 we made our way into Port Phillip via the infamous Rip which was very kind this morning as we entered at slack water and then made our way over to Rosebud. Sail handling validation was conducted whereby myself and Hoppy the Engineer observe each watch set and furl a couple of sails to ensure their competence and safety whilst doing so and I can happily announce that indeed all three watches did prove to be very competent and safe. Well done.

The ship then came to anchor in the vicinity of Rosebud pier and had a lovely lunch and a wee siesta prior to Rope Races taking place for the final time. One of the watches won by eating Zooper Doopers faster than the other two watches… Well done them! Then it was time for yours truly to give a Command Day brief so Youth Crew know what they are getting themselves into tomorrow, as I’ll be handing the ship over to their elected Captain tomorrow at 1000. How exciting!

Speaking of which, I have the honour to announce the following elected positions for Command Day:

Captain – Pat, Sailmaster – Cameron, Navigators – Rose and Ethan, Watch Officer – Eliza, Watch Leaders – Ezza, Lilly and Alex T, and Chefs – Liz, Chris and Ben.

Well done to all of those Youthies, I’m sure you’ll serve your fellow crew members well. Well, that’s another day done…. Staffies favourite movie was shown, then the Youthie’s turned-to anchor watches.

A big day is ahead tomorrow so stay tuned tomorrow night and hear all about our continued adventures.

Yours Aye,

Captain Adam Charlie Farley+