Captain's Log
V01/22 Hobart to Geelong
9 January 2022

Day 6 – Three Hummock Island

Welcome to Day 6 of our voyage. After some good sailing and a bit of rough weather we finally made it to our planned anchorage at Coulomb Bay, Three Hummock Island, which is located just of the North West tip of Tasmania. It’s a beautiful Island and I think our Youth Crew have really appreciated the opportunity to visit such an unspoilt piece of paradise. Well enough from me I will hand over to Sam, Stuart and Toby to tell you all about our day.


Until tomorrow, take care

Yours Aye

Captain Gav





G’day landlubbers,


The day started at around 0200 when White Watch dropped the anchor in Coulomb Bay of picturesque Three Hummock Island – stars glimmering above – waking up the youthies on board. Everyone settled back down to bed and claimed a good sleep as the boat was no longer bucking like a bull.


We woke to the smell of bacon and eggs once again cooked by the amazing chef Jarod, downed the meal, and started the day with morning brief as per usual. Tori’s voice had now returned back to its normal state and she was now able to give us the “rules of the road” brief along with help from Steve-o in preparation for command day coming closer day by day.


By far, the highlight of the day was the swim. Captain Gav did an absolute beauty of a silly salmon dive ending with pinpoint precision. We could clearly tell why he was our captain (Man’s got skills). Like a starting pistol, his splash was the beginning of our legendary rope swing session. Face plants, backflips and bellyflops, were all seen during this extravaganza.


Sam must’ve set a new height record after perfectly timing the swaying of the ship with his swing, sending him to Geelong a few days ahead of schedule.


A quick RHIB trip then took us to the shore to remind us of the surreal and often secluded beauty that Tasmania has to offer. With red boulders and cleansing water we rejuvenated our spirit. A ride back to the boat came with the fragrance of Gav sizzling some snags on the Barbie as well as Jarod preparing the meal, which allowed us all to relax and appreciate the life we live.


We are privileged and grateful for the opportunities that have been offered to us, thanks to all the hard work and dedication from the hearty staff crew. The days have been long, and the seas have been rough, we have come far and have much to go…



This is Sam, Stuart and Tall boy Toby, signing out…


40 25.3 S / LON 144 51.3 E


Currently at anchor at Three Hummock Islands Coulomb Bay and enjoying light 5-10kt NE winds with nil swell.