Captain's Log
V01/22 Hobart to Geelong
5 January 2022

Day 2 – D’Entrecasteaux Channel

Welcome to Day 2 of our voyage. It’s been an action packed day with plenty of activities and the weather gods have smiled upon us with some favorable winds and some great sailing. That’s enough from me I will now handover to Carl and Sari from Red Watch who have done a wonderful job of writing tonight’s Log.


Until tomorrow, take care.

Captain Gav




This morning’s wakey wakey was delivered at 0630 by the smooth tunes of Bob Marley (thanks Kenny) which was followed quickly by a game of “orange you glad to meet me” at our anchorage point in Quarantine Bay (topical) off Bruny Island. We had our first breakfast on board today too – man Jarod is a phenomenal chef!

Red Watch performed the Colour’s ceremony before our first happy hour! After the happiest hour of the day we had our harness safety brief and our first climbs up the foremast! Everyone made it all the way up to the topgallant yard – Yay us!


Lunch was lamb cutlets and salmon, but Sari had a wrap, which she said was really good. After lunch we put our theoretical knowledge to the test and smashed through setting and furling drills before we hauled anchor and set off into the great blue yonder towards Antarctica. The wind rapidly picked up and we set sails fore and aft, sailing quickly away from the rain.


The afternoon was home to tacking drills, where we solidified our teamwork and rapidly became more efficient and effective sailors. Shout out to Winchman Willy G, whose arms are likely to be sore for years to come!


After our tacking drills most had some downtime, with a few brave souls venturing up the masts to cast loose gaskets in preparation for setting the topsail and the mainsail! After Dinner Red Watch headed up for our first watch, valiantly steering the ship out towards the southern cape of Tasmania!


We’ve all had a great first two days on board and are absolutely going to sleep well tonight after a huge day and lots of great food! There’s a few sunburned faces around so we’re going to work on wearing more sunscreen tomorrow!


This is Carl and Sari signing off from literally the bottom of the world, Red Watch forever!


+ Shout out to Claudia, thanks for carrying the team while I’m off gallivanting around Australia!


43 30.3 S / 147 03.0 E


Currently located 7nm to the east of Recherche Bay sailing under a reduced sail plan and experiencing moderate-strong 18-20kt ESE winds with a 1.5m SE swell.