Captain's Log
6 August 2003

Unforgettable Adventure

Situation at 20:00: Last night was spent quietly at anchor in Brisbane Roads while Youth Crew kept anchor watches to ensure that the Ship remainedsafe. After the hectic pace of command day this was a much appreciated break from being called on deck at all hours of the nightto tack the Ship.At 06:00 all hands were called on deck for a very special early morning activity – rust scrub. Before long the Youth Crew and the Staff Crew were shoulder to shoulder getting rid of the rust stain that had built up over the voyage. This was in order to have the Ship as presentable as possible for our half day sail guests. We weighed anchor at 07:30 and came alongside the Grain Wharf at 09:00.With thirty guests from the Endeavour Foundation and Connie’s Place embarked, we sailed at 10:00 and shaped a course out of the Brisbane River. Over the next three hours the Youth Crew acted as hosts forour guests, and showed off their sailing prowess. The Youth Crew did a terrific job of ensuring that the guests had an experience they will not soon forget, and are to be congratulated for the effortthey put forwardAt 13:00 the Ship returned alongside the Grain Wharf and shortly thereafter the guests departed. The rest of the afternoon was a blur of activity. First of all XO Paige led the final installment of rope races. As they have all through the voyage, the Blue Watch were crowned as the champions. Their reward will be to man theT’Gallant yard tomorrow as the Ship comes alongside for the final time this voyage. Next it was time to harbour furl the sails. This is a tedious job but it is necessary in order to protect the square sails from the elements between voyages. The next order of business was the end-of-voyage talks. The watch leaders facilitate this activity, the aim of which is to discuss how the voyage went and offer suggestions on how to improve the youth development program. I am pleased to report that all hands had a great time and are sorry that the voyage is coming to an end.Overnight the Youth Crew will keep sea watches. This will allow them to have the opportunity for an extended farewell to oneanother. They will also use the time to write messages to each other in their copy of ‘The Life and Times of Young Endeavour’ as well as complete their watch’s page in the Ship’s scrap book.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Fact File: During the voyage Chef Polly prepared three hot meals each day, usually with at least three mainchoices. Since we sailed from Bundaberg the Ship’s Company have consumed: 30 kg of bread mix, 1.5 kg of dry yeast, 1 kg of dates(sticky date pudding), 3 kg of crushed garlic, 20 kg of poultry, 60 kg of beef, 14 kg of lamb, 10 kg of barramundi fillets, 6 kg of green prawns, 12 doz bread rolls, 30 doz eggs, 10 kg of carrots, 10 kg ofonion, 15 kg of pumpkin, 8 kg of broccali, 4 bags of funny face ice blocks, 10 kg of tomatoes, 35 kg of potatoes, 65 kg of assorted fresh fruit, 18 litres of ice cream, 8 kg of hash browns, 15 kg of baconand 2 kg of milo.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Glossary: Hawser- The Ship’s berthing lines. YOUNG ENDEAVOUR uses four lines that are doubled up. Dead Light- Awooden or metal shutter that covers the scuttles (port holes) and prevents light from showing outside the Ship. Thought of the day: The real art of conversation is not only to say the right thing in the right place but to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment. Dorothy Nevill.Yours, AyeJohn CowanLCDR, RAN Hello to everyone (too many people to name), I can’t believe that my ten day sea adventure is already over. I have had a fantastic time and luckily have not been sea sick. In the last ten days I have doneeverything from working in the galley to feed the 31 people on board to climbing aloft to watch the sun set over Noosa on Sunday afternoon. This has certainly been an adventure I will not forget in a long time. I am looking forward to seeing you all soon and Happy Birthday to Cammy Hayley from SydneyThe last ten days has gone really fast as you have just been hearing. Ive done everything from climb to the Top Gallent yard, to cook and feed 31 people on Command Day as ITS ALL ABOUT THE FOOD , I keephearing by now I’m starting to believes this. Well hey Mum and Dad, Bob, Andrew, Mirka GUMBY from Bundy


27° 23' South / 153° 10' East


Alongside the Brisbane Grain Wharf. Wind: Nor'East at 12 knots, Cloud:5/8, Temp:15c.