Captain's Log
10 May 2001

Unexpected visitor

During the night watches last night, we continued to motor sail as the Ship made ground to the East and rounded Fraser Island. As the sun rose the wind picked up from the West and the Iron Jib” was furled. Engineer Rags reaped a large harvest from his rounds at morning brief and the entire Youth Crew (and some Staff Crew) foundthemselves Row Row Rowing a Boat as a result. Captain John was the celebrity inspector for happy hour and was very impressed with the level of cleanliness that he found.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR had an unexpected visitor this morning. HMAS SYDNEY came over the horizon with a “”Bone in her teeth”” and closed our position to say G’Day and admire the rare view of seeing a Brigantine under full sail. The forenoon program was finished off with a Rlue-of-the-Road presentation by Watch Officer Joanna. The good weather meant that there were very few green faces visible and Chef Karen was pleased to see that almost everyone onboard was able to enjoy the terrific lunch she prepared. The only activity on the afternoon schedule was a Navigation lecture by Navigator Luke. He explained the mysteries of Latitude and Longtitude as well as several other secrets of his “”Black Art””.As I write this


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