Captain's Log
19 June 2010

Underway at last

Today was a busy day with a lot to learn for the YC. Up at 0630 for some fun and games, breakfast, morning brief and then the joys of Happy Hour where the YC learned that a clean ship is a happy ship. We were supposed to have sailed at 1000 but a defect to a radio support system was not working as it should and we had to wait until it was repaired. Nonetheless we continued with our program and taught the YC about safety at sea, line handling and setting and furling drills. We finally fixed our defect and at 1400 we slipped using the sails to help us off the wharf. The ship motorsailed down the lower reaches of the Brisabne River and entered Moreton Bay. We then set some more sail and went into tracking drills which were well conducted in very light conditions. The YC have had a long day and have now settled down into their night watches and I expect most of them will climb aloft tonight as the education continues. No signs of any sea sickness yet. I am hoping for a fairly easy sail overnight and we should be off Noosa tomorrow morning. I’m feeling pretty tired so presume the YC are too. I am also emotionally drained having managed to watch the Wallabies lose to a much improved English side. I guess we didn’t ���seize the day’ and the Poms did. Well done to them. Grrrrrrr!!!Captain GunnaCarpe Diem


26° 48' South / 153° 13' East


SW wind 10 kts, Temp 16, Fine. Co 075 Sp 5 kts