Captain's Log
15 June 2001

Underwater on the Bowsprit

Overnight we cracked 10.4 knots as 35-knot winds hit us around midnight. The Whities furled all the squares and we made ground towards tonight’s anchorage, in this seldom visited part of Australia. A BBQ on deck has freshened everyone up. There were some requests to go for a swim but since the intrepid fishermen have caught nothing but sharks since arrival, those queries have tapered off. The YC are now keenly focussed on tonight’s Command Day elections and planning for their big 2 days being in full control of Young Endeavour.Youth Crew entry by James Atkinson, 18, Launceston, Tas.My greatest highlight was going up to the topgallant yard and going under the water on the bowsprit, the youth crew has been great fun and an enjoyable time together. Low points were trying to get over the homesickness and I am better now and the best moment would have to be driving the ship at 9.4 knots. I love to say G,’day to my family and friends in Lonny including Lillian, Terry and Lozza.Youth Crew entry by Lauren Murray, 17, Croydon, VIC and Emma Ross, 18, Newcastle, NSW.Where do we start, well currently we are at anchor just off North Goulburn Island everyone is on a bit of a high as command day elections are about to begin. Emma is interested in the XO’s job whilst Lauren is hoping to be a part of the BAT (Beach Assault Team). So far the trip has been really good, hot and tiring due to the long and odd hours, but heaps of fun. This morning the wind picked up and the challenge of climbing aloft at 0100 was interesting as was sitting out on the bowsprit. YC and staff are getting along really well, don’t wish to be back at home where it’s less that 20 degrees. Trying to get used to a rocking ship has been a challenge for all especially trying to shower. Lauren would just like to say hi to mum, dad, Kristy, Danny and to all my friends back home. ps, I miss you all. Emma would like to say hi to my dad, mum, Adam and Leah, and to say I’m staying in Darwin.Stay tunedAndrew Davis


11° 28' South / 133° 24'


CO's Log Friday 15 Jun 01Current situation at 1800: Day 12. At anchor North Goulburn Island (halfway between Gove and Darwin). Wind easterly at 15 knots. Temp 25C.