Captain's Log
21 October 2007

Under Engines, Enroute to Port Arthur

Ahoy Shipmates,We have just spent a relaxing evening at anchor in Coles Bay, where everyone has been able to catch up on sleep and recharge battreries before continuing on with the program.Today is a big day, with us sailing at 0400 to get to Port Arthur, with plenty of time in hand to sort out our final preparations for command day, which starts tomorrow. This means a final lecture (Rule sof the Road at sea), a communications exercise, sail theory 2 and demonstration tacks, and Captain’s setting and furling drills. Once completed we will head into anchor just off the jetty at the Port Arthur historic site. Once there, we will go ashore for a BBQ and Command Day Elections before we have the famous Ghost Tour.At mid-voyage talks yesterday afternoon everyone reported that they were having a great time and were looking forward to the challenges ahead.The next Captain’s Log should be up late tomorrow, and will be done by the elected Captain, whoever that may be…Until tomorrow,Yours AyeChrisChris GallowayCommander RANCommanding Officer


42° 55' South / 148° 7' East


Wind - light and variable, sky overcast, occasional light rain.