Captain's Log
V 07/17
28 March 2017

Twofold Bay to Sea

Sail Master Kyle woke everyone at 0630 and got them up on deck for an Early Morning Activity (EMA) which consisted of an ‘ Ice Breaker ‘ game. After breakfast the crew mustered on deck for the Climbing Safety Brief and then all climbed to the upper most Top Gallant yard to gain that initial experience with the Ship in a relatively stable state. While the three watches undertook the climb separately it created a lot of interest from passing boats who all came in close for a look and to say hello.After lunch we had the first Daily Brief and Happy Hour (cleaning stations) of the voyage. This was followed by the detailed brief covering all of the Ship’s fitted Lifesaving Safety Equipment.We weighed anchor at 1400, proceeded out of Twofold Bay and commenced the passage to Sydney. The watches practised sail setting and furling until 1700 when we went to Tacking Stations and tacked the Ship twice to ensure everyone understood their role.The crew will keep watches through the night developing their skills on the helm, as lookouts and doing hourly engineering rounds of the Ship as we continue our passage north.Until tomorrow.Yours Aye, Captain Mike


36 40.7' S / 150 04.7' E


Wind - 035 / 7 Kn, Weather - Fine partly cloudy, Swell - easterly / 0.5 m, Temp - 20 deg. C