Captain's Log
18 December 2008


Ahoy Shipmates,This morning brought very light SE breezes and after cleaning stations the YC were busied with sail handling before proceeding to anchor in Twofold Bay, near Eden. Once in the anchorage the YC enjoyed lunch and another set of Rope Races before stepping ashore to enjoy the hospitality of the Eden Killer Whale Museum and Eden proper. This evening the YC enjoyed three way talks, an opportunity to better get to know YC from outside of their own watch. The video Around Cape Horn was also a hit. Anchor watches overnight should provide the opportunity for a good rest in preparation for the demanding days to follow in the lead-up to Command Day.Until tomorrow, fair winds and following seas to you all.Yours AyeCaptain MattAlec, Jake and Sara of youth crew write�Today we set anchor at Twofold Bay situated in Eden.Our adventure to land began with gorgeous clear blue skies; and as we pilled into the dingy, we were all with bursting with excitement. After a team debrief, and a visit to Eden’s awesome Whale Museum, where we learnt all about Eden’s former resident Whale, ‘Killer Tom’, we had about an hour left to explore the town. Much of this hour was spent learning how to walk on flat ground again.Currently we three are on the first anchor watch for the night. This involves half hourly checking of the anchor cable to ensure that we are not dragging it out to sea. We also have to do rounds of the engine room to make sure nothing is on fire, that no crazy alarms are going off, and generally to make sure everything is working smoothly. We’re on watch from 2100 to 2230, and the watches will continue in shifts until Breakfast tomorrow morning. As we’re all used to doing 4 hour overnight watch shifts, tonight is seen as a real gift, an opportunity to catch up on some lost zzzz’s.We’ve just been told that after our anchor watch shifts tonight, Youth Crew are allowed to take a 5 minute shower; a luxury in a world of 90 second showers. Most of us were saturated in a thunderstorm that passed over Eden this afternoon, so 300 seconds of hot water will be heaven!The vastness of the ocean, incredible sunrises, moonrises, and sunsets, amazing people, and the opportunity to learn to sail on this incredible vessel�life on the Young Endeavour is pretty good!Pirates Caz, Lewis and Justin of youth crew write�Ahoy there! Shiver me timbers. Avast all ye who are reading this. Ye should be watching the radar not reading the captains log. “All hands to stations. All watches stand by to set the��hmmm�yaarh�.. I like the cut of their jib!” Yaarh never mind that. You’ll want to hear about our day: Stormy weather with hail and monsoonal downpours prevented the plundering of nearby Eden but we’ll be back next time. Hopefully next time we aren’t trapped in a caf� with a flash flood flowing down the road and creeping up towards our feet. Perhaps better luck with the weather tomorrow�if the fog clears we may be able to find the ship.


37°6's / 149°53'e


Wind from the South West at five knots, weather is overcast with showers, outside temperature is 15 degrees, in a protected anchorage at Nullica Bay near Eden