Captain's Log
25 May 2001

Tropical Surroundings

After making great speed overnight we arrived off our desert island before lunch today. We sailed into the anchorage and had a great BBQ lunch on deck before going ashore for some sport, snorkeling and mid voyage talks. The tide was out so that allowed us to walk miles along the reef and sand cays. The island has a single palm tree and lots of white sand so it was a great afternoon in the sun. At 4pm we weighed anchor and sailed north. Presently we are powering along peaking at 9 knots in 18 knots of breeze with all sails set. Having is well and enjoying the passage.Youth Crew entry by Jennaya McGovern, 20 (Sydney) and Annette Schlub, 18 (Brisbane). Morris Island, definitely the highlight thus far. It’s a small, uninhabited island with lots of sand for our game of touch footy and lots of coral and fishies. Was so exciting to actually see it first hand with mask and snorkel, as most of us have never visited this part of the world before. On the island we had an opportunity to discuss our personal progress with fellow watch members and our leader, lying on the beach looking out over the picturesque tropical surroundings. Commencing the trip we thought about what we hoped to achieve over the ten days. We all want to learn as much as possible so we will be able to take up the challenge of being in command for a full 24 hours on the last day. Climbing aloft, which for a lot of us was originally quite daunting, is now something we squabble over to see who gets to go up. The rush is indescribable and is definitely something everyone should experience.Foods great, best ever tasted – thanks Woody for pleasuring our taste buds! Especially the choux pastry swans!It’s amazing how people from such diverse backgrounds can come together and not just tolerate each other but really enjoy one another’s company. We never expected to become so close to people, who only five days ago were complete strangers. We know the friendships formed here will be everlasting.Hi to everyone at home, especially to our little men Raf and Pheonix, see you soon xxxStay tunedAndrew Davis


12° 30' South / 144° 10'


CO's Log Friday 25 May 01Current situation at 1800: At sea off Cape Sidmouth. Wind sou'easterly at 18 knots. Temp 25C.