Captain's Log
11 July 2015


Hi Everyone,

Welcome to day 17 of our voyage. Well following a night of stormy weather we made it the isolated but spectacular island of Tristan Da Cunha just before 0800 this morning only to find that the weather was completely unsuitable for a safe anchorage (25-35kts of wind and a 2-3m swell). This was confirmed by the local authorities who confirmed that the Harbour Master had closed the small harbour to all vessels and that in these conditions their was not a safe anchorage anywhere around the island. As you can well imagine our World Voyagers were a little disappointed but they do understand that I would never endanger the ship or its crew and today it just wasn’t safe to anchor.

Interestingly talking to the local authorities at Tristan Da Cunha they explained that their spring weather has been so bad that their small fishing fleet has only been out on two days fishing during the spring season.

Once we had taken some photographs and said our farewells to the Islanders over our VHF radio we alter our course back to the ENE, set a reduced sail plan and recommenced our passage to Cape Town.

Being a Saturday we have run a Saturday sea Routine which has given everyone the opportunity to catch up on some sleep they miss out on last night due to the bad weather.

Currently we are located 70nm to the ENE of Tristan Da Cunha sailing down wind under three squares and experiencing strong 20-25kt WSW winds with a large 3-4m SW swell.

Volunteering to write tonight’s Captains Log is Rachael and Nicole from the newly formed ‘Bae Watch’ please enjoy!

Until tomorrow, take care.

Yours Aye
Captain Gav

Captain’s log supplemental.

Saturday, 7 November 2015 marks the 17th day aboard the Young Endeavour for the crew of 07/15. Overnight all the fun started early with a ‘squall’ (sudden or violent wind) having ‘Bae Watch’ frantically setting the storm jib in 30+ knots of wind and heavy rain. If this wasn’t enough fun for one night it was shortly followed by a surprise downpour in the starboard 6 berth when a port hole window decided it needed a rest and gave way, all over the sleeping inhabitants. Horto, Adam and Marcos were summoned to rescue 6 slightly soggy damsels in distress.

Once the excitement of the early morning activities died down we were woken to the sounds of “Land Hoy” as Tristan de Cunha arose over the horizon. It was such a magical sight, with towering cliffs surrounding a small townsite nestled on the only patch of green countryside for miles. It was the setting from a movie and we were lucky enough to witness it. The sun was shining however the swell and wind direction meant that we were unable to approach the harbour or make anchor safely and unfortunately that meant no land visits today  However we made the most of being within spitting distance of the most isolated island in the world with an onslaught of happy snaps and GoPro videos. The bird watchers among us were thrilled with the avian displays including and array of Petral sub-species (Spectacled, Diving and Giant) as well as the local Tristan Albatross and Sub-Antarctic Skua. After a world voyage group photo with Tristan de Cunha as the back drop, it was all hands to tacking stations as we resumed our course for Cape Town. We set off heading north – easterly with ‘Potato Island’ slowly disappearing into the weather behind us.

The disappointment of not being able to stand on solid ground was significant however our consolation was a super Saturday sea routine! A quick happy hour was followed by relaxing for most of the crew. But lucky for Bae Watch, we got to deal with some more wet weather on our morning watch. Horto and Marcos continued to deal with the misbehaving porthole, whilst everyone else set in for a fun filled afternoon of excitement with David Attenborough documentaries.

Hopefully tonight the swell will die down and we won’t be sliding around in our nice and dry racks between watches. Tomorrow is a new day and also a Sunday Sea Routine and some expected sunny weather, so it looks like washing and siestas all day  We are all looking forward to more siestas  

Liam asked us to mention him. So he says ‘Hi’.

Reminder to our readers to get on to our Movember cause, crazy moustaches everywhere…

Rachel & Nicole


Hey family! Hope all is well. Doing pretty good here, managed to get nice and wet last night when the port hole popped out! Bit of excitement and drama. Missing you lots, love Kate xxx

Hey Kelly’s, we passed halfway today. Learning a lot still and looking forward to seeing Africa. See you soon – Nicole.


36 degrees 54 minutes South / 10 degrees 59 minutes West


Currently located 70nm ENE of Tristan Da Cunha and experiencing strong 20-25kt WSW winds with a large 3-4m SW swell. Our current speed is 6.5kts and the temperature is 11 degrees.