Captain's Log
12 August 2003

Tricks on the Helm

Situation at 21:00- Last night most of the Youth Crew were successful in climbing to the T’Gallant and Topsail yards. They were also able to practise some of the more frequently used knots, bends and hitches. The hours on watch flew by and in no time at all it was time for the watch-on-deck to shake their reliefs. At 06:30 the daily routine started when all hands were piped on deck. Early morning activity started off with a light jog aroundthe upper deck, followed by some games designed to help us learn each other’s names. Before long Chef Stony was serving up a delicious hot breakfast. At 08:00 the flags were hoisted and morning brief startedwith all hands singing the National Anthem. XO Paige started off by briefing us on the plan for the day. Navigator Phil then outlined our intended track over the next twenty-four hours. Chef Stony and Engineer Stewy then went through the do’s and don’ts for their respective parts-of-ship. Watch Officer Stan, the Salty Sea Dog, thenexplained the origins of a nautical expression. Today she described how we came to have two dog watches in the daily rotation.Facsinating stuff. With morning brief completed, YOUNG ENDEAVOUR gotunderway at 09:00 and commenced the long pilotage down the Brisbane River and through Moreton Bay. As Captain John took charge of seeing the Ship safely through pilotage waters, XO Paige took charge of running the day’s program. Happy Hour was the first order of business. XO Paige took great delight in inspecting the efforts of the Youth Crew’s cleaning stations. A briefing from ‘Captain Safety’ and her lovely assistant ‘Miss EPIRB’ was next on the schedule. Each piece of safety equipment onboard was discussed and the correctmethod of using it was explained. Shortly before lunch the watches commenced ‘Deck Safety and Linehandling’. This will form the basis of the remainder of the Youth Crew’s sail training and explains how to safely handle the different lines used in sailing the Ship.After each watch had rotated through lunch and then completed Deck Safety and Linehandling, XO Paige delivered a lecture on how to set and furl the fore-and-aft sails. This was followed by two hours of practise actually setting and furling the sails. By this time the Ship was clear of Moreton Bay and shaping a course to weather Cape Moreton. The sea and swell had started to build and before long some green faces started to appear. Tacking drills were the last activity of the day. If it becomes necessary to tack or wear the Ship duringthe night, the Youth Crew will now have an understanding of what is expected of them during this complex evolution.During the night watches will take their first tricks on the helm. They will also learn how to act as lookouts and to completebelow deck rounds. Today has been a long day with a huge amount of information to digest. The Youth Crew are fighting through thechallenges facing them and starting to develop effective teamwork.Despite several of them feeling the effects of the Ship’s motion, they are settling into life at sea.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Fact File: The Ship is a 44 metre, 250 Ton Brigantine purpose built for youth development training. She was presented to Australia by the people of the United Kingdom on the occassion of the bi-centennial of the arrival in Sydney of the First Fleet. Over the past fifteen years more than 6,000 young Australians have taken part in the YOUNG ENDEAVOUR experience during voyages lasting between five days and three months.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Glossary: Knots- the measurement of speed used at sea. One Knot is equal to one nautical mile per hour. Sonamed because speed was calculated by counting the number of knots on a measured line that would run out over the stern in a given period of time. Brigantine- a vessel having two masts and square sails carried from the foremast only. The main mast and stays carry fore-and-aft sails.Thought of the Day: The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands in times of challenge and controversy. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.Yours, AyeJohn CowanLCDR, RAN


26° 57' South / 153° 41' East


At sea under five sails. Cloud:1/8, Wind: North at 20 knots, Temp:18c.