Captain's Log
V14/18 Airlie Beach to Cairns
8 July 2018

Transit to Zoe Bay, Hinchinbrook Island

Ahoy shipmates, Shock, horror…an overcast day! Our long run of sunny weather has finally come to an end. On the upside, the change in weather brought some wind…up to 20 knots…making for some perfect sailing conditions once we weighed anchor from Magnetic Island. Unfortunately it didn’t last and the breeze faded in the afternoon. Not completely though, and as I write we have a pleasant 12 knots of wind pushing us north towards Zoe Bay, Hinchinbrook Island. We have had another day of fun and learning as the Youth Crew’s progression towards Command Day continues…but I’ll let the ladies tell the story.Fair winds,Captain Kenny The Youth of Australia (or at least those on Young Endeavour) started their morning with a magnificent view of the sunrise over Horseshoe Bay, Magnetic Island. The ship set sail after Happy Hour. There were strong winds which made for good sailing, and we took the opportunity to climb out on to the bow sprit where we had the opportunity to take more photos and gain a better view of the beautiful horizon. Lunch was amazing, as usual, because Marcus is amazing (as usual). Round 4 of the rope races took place after lunch, where, for bonus points, watches had to build a “detailed replica” of the Young Endeavour using a potato, a banana and a mandarin – there were some very interesting results. In the afternoon we went through demonstrational tacks. We took turns going up to the bridge to watch the process from the bridge’s perspective, and gained a better understanding of the commands given by Captain Kenny and Sailmaster Guv. The rest of the afternoon progressed slowly and the watches found time to start impromptu games on deck such as Rock ‘em Sock ‘em and skipping, while others climbed onto the bow sprit or did their laundry.Overall, another pleasant, educational day of sailing has passed. Sheena and Sophie


18 45 south / 146 27 east


Course:  344 true    Speed:  4 ktsWind:  South Easterly at 12 knots    Swell:  135 at 0.5m   Weather:   Fine