Captain's Log
V06/18 Hobart to Melbourne
18 March 2018

Too windy!

Ahoy there, The morning of Day 10 was overcast with strong north westerly winds. Given our distance from Williamstown the Youth Crew received a 0630 wakeup call. At 0730 we weighed anchor then transited the 15 nm to Williamstown, undertaking the morning brief and ‘Happy Hour’ on the way. When we arrived, just before 0900, we attempted unsuccessfully to berth at the Workshop Pier. The wind speed experienced in the approaches to the berth was excessive and we were unable to come alongside to embark our Community Day Sail guests. Neither were we able to find a sheltered anchorage in order to embark our guests by boat so we were forced to cancel the Community Day Sail. We departed the Williamstown area and anchored off Altona at 1030. After lunch Watch Leaders completed end of voyage talks and the Sail Master ran some worthwhile activities, including end of voyage questionnaires and got the Youthies to write their ‘letters to themselves’, which will be posted to them in six months. They also took the opportunity to finish their song and slide show tasks. We had our traditional last night onboard pizza dinner but unfortunately, due to the 20 knot winds, were unable to have it on deck. After dinner the youthies sang the song they had written on the voyage and screened the very popular voyage slideshow which gave everyone the opportunity to reflect back on their experiences during the past 10 days. We will remain at anchor tonight having the youth crew’s final night onboard at anchor. Until tomorrow,  Yours Aye Captain Mike


37 53.5' S / 144 49.9' E


Weather - partly cloudy, Wind - 330/6 kn, Swell - nil, Temp - 18 deg. C