Captain's Log
22 May 2001

Too Much Peach Crumble

Today was frreeezing. Well, it was about 18C but it didn’t stop us from having a swim to cool off after a hard day’s yakka learning the ropes. The Youth Crew have had a vertical learning curve to contend with, managing with only a few hours sleep. They are doing really well and this afternoon we sailed by Green Island and tonight we should pass Cape Tribulation, on our way to Cooktown.Youth crew entry by Conor Gilligan from Seaham and Sam Immens from Seaforth.Today was our first full day at sea. The weather is great, the crew are all really amazing. We did our first real sailing today. Learning all the names of the sheets and sail sets was a challenge, especially after only having had three, yes ‘3’ hours sleep! Only one person has yaked so far and it was Conor (she shouldn’t have had the extra peach crumble :)Had a swim off the side of the ship. Looking forward to a day exploring an island somewhere on our course. All the other youth seem as excited as us, and we are getting to know them well.From Conor and SamPS to my friends who didn’t make it and my family having a great time for you as well. luv samPS hello everyone….I’m thinking of you all back home in the cold, and at good old uni. Don’t be too jealous Mum, I’ll see you all soon, Love ConorStay tunedAndrew Davis


16° 29' South / 145° 40'


CO'S LOG TUESDAY 22 MAY 01Current situation at 2000: At sea off Port Douglas, on a broad reach with the trade winds. Temp 21C.