Captain's Log
26 June 2000

Too busy or too asleep

The Command Day elections were held in the cafe last night and later during the evening those elected were given the chance for a ‘one on one’ with their counterparts to get some final tips.Woke this morning to a clear windy day and after cleaning stations I handed command of the ship to Jeff Dann and YC V11/00 at 1000. Not a lot happened at first and there was certainly no sense of urgency to get underway. Nevertheless at lunchtime we weighed anchor and successfully sailed away from the anchorage. Fore and aft sail was set as the ship commenced working to the SE. The first tack of the day saw the ship caught in stays and the tack missed. The problem was quickly sorted out and the second attempt went without a hitch. We have tacked a number of times since then and they have all been trouble free.This evening I expect we will be tacking regularly so I don’t expect there will be too much sleep happening. After a slow start the command day has been going quite well and we are making reasonable progress towards our destination Scawfell Island. The command day will complete at 1000 tomorrow and we will have the opportunity to go ashore for a spot of sport on the beach.I have not had any YC volunteers for the log this evening. I guess they are too busy or too asleep.Chat tomorrowAndrew


20° 31' South / 149° 13'


Course 045, Speed 6kts, Wind SE 20kts, Temp 19, passing showers