Captain's Log
while the watches were led by Cassidy
10 June 2001

Command Day

An unfortunate start to the day found the radar unreliable therefore meaning our sailing for command day was limited to daylight hours. This meant an earlier start to the day and a direct course to Mackay. In order to make the distance we had to begin the journey relying on the power of the engine rather than the sails alone.The youth crew were awarded points for various activities throughout the day. These ranged from setting sails, to cookingextravaganzas, applying knot skills and electing a youth leadership group to run the ship throughout the day with minimal input from the staff. Often innovative and creative solutions responded to the tasks at hand, for example, the dressing up of two of the girls as dolphins to make up for the lack of real sightings.After a complex” democratic voting system


including the challenging main gaff topsail - one that we hadn't used before during this voyage. Late afternoon we arrived ahead of schedule at anchor in Mackay where we were greeted by choppy water and strong winds which meant that several people revisited their earlier seasickness. We are now planning a concert ready for tomorrow night and the completion of further command day activities.This is Jane / Kate and Hannah signing off on behalf of the youth crew and we'd all just like to say a quick hello to all our families and friends back home! Also


Luke would like to say a quick hello to everyone back home and that he's having a great time. Thought of the day: Yesterday's history