Captain's Log
5 January 2002

To Be Back on Land!

Our second night at sea (Fri night) and the YC are faring better. Favorable winds continue to hasten us down the coast. Today the YC quickly digested my sail theory lecture after a set of tacks designed to rotate YC through different watches’ positions so they can appreciate what the others do. At 1400 hours we berthed at the ‘Skinny’ Wharf in Eden and will stay here overnight. Shops and the killer whale museum were the main features of the visit to Eden. Tonight we’ll enjoy a BBQ on deck as many people walk along the wharf to ‘check us out’ and wish they were young (or old) enough to be on board.Youth Crew entry by Caitlin Bell, age 17, from Sydney.Today we sailed into our first port, Eden. Everyone was very excited to be back on land though some of us felt a little sick from the lack of motion. We all enjoyed ringing home and being able to walk in a straight line for once. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Rotary Club of Pennant Hills for giving me this great opportunity, it’s amazing. Hi to everyone at home, see you all soon. Cheers, Caitlin.Youth Crew entry by Gemma Sutherland,21,from Canberra.Aaah, to be back on land…After two nights at sea and several hours with my head stuck over the side of the ship I was finally used to the motion of the sea and suddenly we pulled into Eden. I’m dreading taking off again…. As a member of the White Watch I spent till 4am this morning navigating, doing rounds and thankfully not climbingthose horrible masts which I’m not too fond of – thanks for the genetic fear of heights, Dad. It was absolutely amazing being out at sea in the middle of the night, the brilliant stars above and the sails billowing peacefully, completely surreal and I’m so glad to have the opportunity to see it. Well worth the wait. Plenty more to say but I better not use all the space. Mum, Dad, Bec, Christie, Kallan, love to you all, I feel like I have been gone for ages and am looking forward to seeing you all again and sharing my adventure. Love GemPS – Listen to the Captain’s Voice Log, brilliant interview Jo and I did…Youth Crew entry by Johanna Lee 19 of Maitland.The voyage so far has been an interesting one. The climbing of the mast would not feature highly on my most favorite experience I must say I was scared to death especially being out on the mast even though it was only for a fleeting moment. It is great to be over seasickness I feel great now and am really starting to enjoy myself. Our stop in Eden has been action packed with a visit to the whale museum. It was an interesting museum with lots of random displays from drug smuggling to the story of old Tom (a fascinating whale story). Looking forward to getting back out to sea so we can start pulling the sails around cause I find it fun to heave on the ropes its building up my muscles so when I go home my brother can’t call me weak anymore. That’s all I have to say at the present moment but I would like to take the chance to say thank you to my sponsor Maitland Rotary cause you have given me the chance to embark on this great adventure. Finishing I would like to send my love to mum and dad and the rest of my family and make sure you listen to the captain’s voice log tonight because I have a staring role and if you don’t do it tonight it will be gone. Love you and goodbye.Stay tunedAndrew Davis


37° 4' South / 149° 54'


CO's LOG Saturday 5 Jan 02Current situation at 1800: In Eden, back from the mighty sea. Wind nor'easterly at 15 knots. Temp 20C.