Captain's Log
6 March 2000

To Anchor at Dromana

Yesterday afternoon was spent largely under motor in light winds but the time was put to good use with a communications game, again in preparation for the culminating event of Command Day. In the evening we entered Westernport for a short stop off Hanns Inlet for some essential logistical support from the Navy Base at HMAS CERBERUS. Sailing late out of Westernport gave the on watch Youth Crew a good view of buoyage systems and night navigation in confined waters. At 0100 this morning we were back out in the open sea and close hauled on the port tack. Rounding Cape Schank at 0400 we bore away to the west, eased sheets, and set the topsail for a great reach in fresh 25 knot winds towards Port Phillip Bay. At 0650 it was hands to tacking stations when we wore ship round to the north-east for ourrun into the notorious Rip at Port Phillips Head. Despite timing our entrance for slack water the Rip still put on a spectacular show withsteep breaking seas adding some excitement to the morning. Once the Rip was safely negotiated it was straight into the final sail setting and furling drills. This exercise is conducted by meto ensure that the Youth Crew have learned all the essential procedures necessary to be able to complete the Command Day safely. A few minor faults corrected, Staff and Youth Crew alike are now looking forward to a challenging and rewarding day tomorrow.We have now sailed to anchor off Dromana, our first spot of civilisation since leaving Sydney and we are enjoying the opportunity to recharge our batteries before tackling the challenges of tomorrow.Cap’n Bob.


38° 20' South / 144° 54'


Heading east under sail in Port Phillip. Wind south 15 knots, sky overcast, temp 18 degrees.