Captain's Log
9 January 2001

Three Hummock Island

Last night the Youth Crew elected their Command Team et al and prepared their plan to meet today’s challenge. This morning after the ubiquitous cleaning stations, the XO gave one last preparatory offering to the Youth Crew for their Command Day, namely a Communications Game which is a fun and insightful look at hierarchical organisations and the way they communicate. At 1100 the Youth Crew officially took over and I handed over the ship’s telescope, symbol of looking ahead, to the new Captain Hutch. A short while later they had the ship under way and sailing towards their first goal, Three Hummock Island.Now, having successfully negotiated lunch and a couple of wear ships and sail changes, we are rapidly approaching the island where we shall shortly anchor.Until tomorrowCap’n BobYouth Crew Entry:I suppose today was one of the toughest days I have ever experienced. I was elected yesterday as Youth Captain of the Young Endeavour. Our task was to negotiate a trip of some 100 miles around the top of Tasmania. So far, the trip has been action packed to say the least with a host of operations to be mastered including hauling anchor by sail, wearing the ship and navigating. It looks like a night of very little sleep for me as the Captain is always on call but with a full moon and fresh seas it makes the task more enjoyable ��� Youth Crew Captain Hutch.Today was an extremely proud day for me. Serving as Executive Officer to Captain Hutch gave me an excellent chance to experience his outstanding knowledge and wisdom as a seaman. The crew dug extremely deeply and sailed the ship with amazing dedication and demonstrated a level of skill that far exceeded their level of experience. Most importantly we worked as a team and had a ball doing it ��� Youth Crew XO Parker.


40° 22' South / 144° 52'


Current situation at 1800: Course 200,Sspeed 7. Wind north-east 25 knots, clear skies, Temp 17C.