Captain's Log
4 August 2011

The Wonderful Whitsundays

Good Evening Readers,Having wrapt up the climbing at 2300 last night it was a tired Youth Crew (YC) that enjoyed their first night onboard albeit whilst still alongside the Marina at Abel Pt. This morning it was up at 0630 for some warm up activities then breakfast and then into morning brief where the days events were discussed. Having enjoyed their first \’happy hour\’ (cleaning stations) an excited crew manned their lines as the ship prepared to depart. Lines were slipped at 1030 and we quietly slipped out of the excellent little harbour. Once outside the breakwater sail was quickly set and the engines were shut down hopefully for some time. We reached out into the beautiful Whitsunday Passage is blustery conditions whilst the YC completed their sail setting and furling drills. Later in the afternoon we introduced taking stations to the programme and after three wears (gybes) I was confident in the YCs ability to safely man their tacking stations and tack the ship should the need require. The YC then went into their rotational watches and we will remain at sea overnight developing our helming skills and the other duties required to keep the ship safe as we sail overnight. The YC have had a tough day but with the exception of a coulpe who are feeling a bit queezy, there are smiles all round.Chat tomorrow and we\’re looking forward to some excellent sailing prior to anchoring tomorrow afternoon.Captain GunnaCarpe\’ diem


20° 4' South / 148° 44' East


Co 045, Sp 4. Wind 130, 20 kts, Temp 24