Captain's Log
17 February 2003

The Ultimate Destiny

Situation at 20:00-Good evening and welcome to the first log of Voyage 04/03. This voyage will take us from Devonport to Burnie on the north coast of Tasmania and commenced this morning at 1000. With all the Youth Crew (YC) embarked we sailed from Devonport Harbour, whilst the Watch Leaders conducted some introductory discussions and familiarisation games. After rounding Mersey Bluff at 1040 and proceeding to anchor, the YC then set about learning where everything was, onboard the Shipthat will become their home away from home for the next five days.Tours were then rounded out with a detailed safety brief from Boatswain Chantal, who showed the YC how each piece of equipmentis used and where it is stowed. Meanwhile Chef Stonii had been slaving away in the Galley and at 1200 he called ‘Hands To Lunch’. A sumptuous feast was had by all.Post lunch lethargy was soon put to rest, as the watches all commenced their line handling and deck safety lessons. These lessons are vitally important as they lay the groundwork for ensuring that all members of the YC are able to safely set and furl the sails and handle any of the numerous winches and brakes in the process.After some hard work, it was time to relax a little and have some fun. The YC conducted a session of ‘get to know you’ talks onthe YOUNG ENDEAVOUR stage at midships, doing a great job of learning as much about each other as possible in a short space of time. This was followed by a welcome aboard brief from Captain Paul (Chooka) and XO Aaron (Bullet). Following the brief at about 1715 was another session in the Galley and Cafe with a second delicious meal from Stonii.The evening activities have been mainly focussed on climbing and safety aloft with the YC first receiving a safety brief beforelaying aloft for their first climb. As I sit at the computer, they are enjoying a hot drink and then closing up for their night watches. Overnight the YC will all keep a four hour watch and conduct some knot tying and further climbing.The Staff Crew (SC) for this voyage are XO – Aaron ‘Bullet’ Turner, Navigator-Luke ‘Lukey’ Marthick, Watch Officer – Lauren’Lozza’ Hindmarsh, Engineer – Simon ‘Stewy’ Stewart, Chef – Ben ‘Stonii’ Stone, Boatswain and White Watch Leader (WWL) – Chantal ‘Shonny’ Timms, Red Watch Leader (RWL) Sherylee ‘Shez’ Folkes, Blue Watch Leader (BWL) – Gregory ‘Rags’ Goddard and our latest addition to the SC – Paige Butcher as his assistant watch leader(ABWL). This is a fine team and I look forward to a thoroughly enjoyable voyage.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Mariner Speak:KNOT: This is the term used to refer to the speed at which the Ship is travelling. It describes how fast the vessel is moving innautical miles per hour. The term is derived from the early seafaring practice of streaming a length of line, with knots tied in it, for a set amount of time. The number of knots that were pulled over the side of the ship by the water flow determined the speed the Ship was making good.Thought of the Day:’It’s not what’s happening to you now or what has happened in your past that determines who you become. Rather it’s your decisions about what to focus on, what things mean to you, and what you’re going going to do about them that will determine your ultimate destiny.’ Anthony RobbinsUntil next time,Paul Barrie(Chooka)


41° 9' South / 146° 21' East