Captain's Log
V07/18 Melbourne to Eden
24 March 2018

The Twelve Apostles

Everyone,                     Welcome to day three of our voyage. The wind conditions were quite unpredictable overnight which meant a lot of work for the Youth Crew adjusting the ships sail plan and continually having to set and furl sails. During the early hours of this morning we rounded Cape Otway and shaped a new course to the west and the Twelve Apostles which we had planned to visit later this morning.As forecast we experienced some heavy rain during the morning but thankfully that cleared and by late morning it was a beautiful day. We arrived at the Twelve Apostles just before lunch then spent nearly two hours in the close proximity of these amazing limestone stacks giving the Youth Crew plenty of opportunities to take photographs or just admire this breathtaking scenery.At 1400 we departed the Twelve Apostles and in light conditions, set sail then shaped a course back to the east.With the ship back under sail Sumo the Engineer mustered everyone at midships and conducted a round of ‘Rope Races’ which was followed by a Harry’s very informative presentation on navigation.By the time that Harry had completed his presentation the wind had died completely so given the pleasant conditions we decided to hand in all sail, stop the ship and give everyone the opportunity to have a refreshing swim in the cool clear water of the Southern Ocean.By 1700 we were underway again and have now altered our course to the southeast and King Island where we plan to anchor in Grassy Harbour tomorrow morning.Overnight the Youth Crew will remain in their sea watches and consolidate their navigation skills.  Until tomorrow, take care Yours AyeCaptain Gav   


38 59.2 S / 143 34.1 E


Currently we are located 10nm to the south of Cape Otway motor sailing in light 5-7kt SSE winds and experiencing nil swell. Our speed is 7kts and the temperature is a pleasant 20 degrees.