The sun during stormy seas

The sun during stormy seas

“The sea was a little bit wild that day and myself and a crew member went aloft to the very top of the mast to untie the gaskets (letting the sail down), I was on the far end of the yard untying them.

The boat was rocking and the wind was blowing a gale. The staff crew member whom I was with turned to me and said “”Hey Luna, you good?”” I put my thumbs up. He smiled then turned quickly, hurling into a vomit bag trying not to get any on me as I was down wind of him, I felt so bad. So I laid on top of the arm of the mast in the warm sun and closed my eyes resting trying to keep my mind off sea sickness, it was amazing up there, so surreal, incredibly lucky to be able to do that, be there.

Through it all, the roughest of seas or the coldest of winds, I never felt any lows.

I am so grateful for the Young Endevour experience, I would highly recommend to anyone.””

Luna brown ~ Geelong to Hobart ~ V03/17″

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