Captain's Log
30 April 2001

The Staff Can’t Count to Ten

So much for plain sailing last night. About 2000 (8pm) we received a relayed distress message from a yacht that had come to grief and was being beaten up on the Cape Bowling Green sand banks, about 13 miles to our W. We altered course, sent our courageous boat team to assist, and were glad to hear about 0300 that the yacht had successfully warped itself off the bank with the rising tide. All appearing well, we recovered our boat and resumed our course toward our present position.Our diversion made for a long night for most, so we were fortunate today to be able to get ashore for a sports day and BBQ dinner on the beach. Back onboard this evening will have our youth crew working busily to ensure the Command Day is a great one. They will elect their own team and undertake the challenge of sailing the ship themselves. No mean feat for a group who, a week ago, had little sailing knowledge. With regards the command day…I’ll keep you posted.Until tomorrowYours AyeMatthew RoweYouth Crew Entry for 30 April 2001Suzanne McLucas, 23, Bundaberg and Kate Mahony, 20, TurramurraIt’s been a wonderful experience and we’re having an awesome time, although tired after hectic night last night. We got little sleep (if any) and the rescue was successful even though the swell was bigger than any we had experienced so far. Jim’s wish came true, with a wave crashing over the bow for the first time. It was great to have this afternoon on Magnetic Island. Aaron organised a sports day which revealed the shocking truth that the staff actually can’t count to ten. Anyway, we’ve got command day tomorrow so we’re going to vote now. Suzy would like to thank her workplace Across the Waves Sports Club for sponsoring her for this once in a lifetime adventure and making her dream come true. A big hello and hope everyone is being good or being good at it. Kate sends a big cheerio to her family and friends – having an awesome time, see you on Thursday (don’t forget to pick me up from the airport:) Phil says hi to Mum and Ross and all the family and Uncle Bruce, missing everyone including Neerdie. Be back soon. Can’t wait for my interview.


19° 7' South / 146° 51'


CO Log 30 April 2001Situation at 1800: At anchor in Horseshoe Bay on the N coast of Magnetic Is. In 1770 Capt James Cook named this Island Magnetical Is or Head, as he experienced an anomaly in his compass as he passed it. Later investigations (principally by King in 1819) indicated that it was probably metal objects in the ship rather than magnetism in the Island that Cook had noted. By then though, the name was established and thus remains in its slightly changed form. Wind light and variable. Temp 24C. A lovely evening for lazing about on the beach.