Captain's Log
9 January 2003

The Sound of Singing

Situation at 20:00-. Overnight all hands endured a very uncomfortable ride with high wind and seas making movement around the Ship difficult. The upperdeck (except the Bridge) was out of bounds and the watch-on-deck concentrated on staying as warm and dry as possible. Despite the conditions, all hands performed well and helped each other through a challenging time.At morning brief Salty Sea Dog Loz (with the help of an able assistant) showed us the origin of a Ship’s figurehead. EngineerStewy made a good haul for the ‘scran bag’and before long the bridge was alive with the sound of singing. At 10:00 YOUNG ENDEAVOUR anchored in Jervis Bay and the many green faces onboard soon regainedtheir regular colour.Just before lunch, Captain John led an animated discussion on sailing theory and how sails are used to drive the Ship forward. As soon as the Galley and Cafe were squared away after lunch, the Youth Crew were ferried ashore for an afternoon on the beach at HMAS CRESWELL. The water was a bit cold but the sport proved to be a lot of fun. Once they were back onboard the Youth Crew went aloft for a climb and a chance for some action photos.Chef Stony prepared a magnificant Barbeque supper complete with steak and seafood. This was followed by the three-way talks where each member of the Youth Crew have to learn the life story of two others, and then relate the story of one of them to the rest of the Ship’s Company. This proved to be a lot of fun. It seems that the Ship is full of ‘Lord of the Rings’ fans. The anchor watches have been assigned but with only an hour each on watch, all hands will getthe chance to catch up on some of the sleep lost over the last two days.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR FACT FILE: The Ship carries 13,000 litres of fresh water and has the capacity to make up to 4,800 litres per daythrough reverse osmosis. Despite this, showers are limited to 90 seconds worth of water, twice per day.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR GLOSSARY: Footropes- Wireropes suspended under the yards on stirrups for the crew to stand on when working aloft. Flemish Horse- Short footropes at the yardarms(the ends of the yards)Thought of the day- Everything can be found at sea, according to the spirit of your quest. Joseph Conrad.Yours, AyeJohn CowanLCDR, RANHi everyone in Hervey Bay…its Tor here at Jervis bay about to go on watch..I’ve been having a great time and more yet to come…went through a storm last nite and it was very exhilerating…see all you guys soon…Tor.


35° 8' South / 150° 43' East


At anchor in Jervis Bay. Wind South at 30 kts. Sky 7/8 overcast. Temp 18c.