Captain's Log
9 June 2001

The Skipping Record

We had a great day at Groote. We left at 0930 and sailed out with maximum canvas flying. Quite a few locals turned out to wave us goodbye. We are now heading north and spirits are high after a good break. Tonight the YC face a big challenge – the ���Bear’ teamwork exercise which I am sure they will do well at. Youth crew entry by Erin Taylor, age 23, from Newcastle, NSW.Today we left our temporary oasis of Groote Eylandt with the locals waving us a cheery goodbye. In the morning we braved a walk along the beach where a 3m croc has been spotted every day. It was in fear and trepidation that we scuffled along, all huddled together, but to our disappointment no croc surfaced apart from the ones on our souvenirs. I ask you, why would you make a point of advertising to tourists that your waters are dangerous?? I can see it now…hawaiian-shirted travelers flocking to a place where it’s stinking hot and you CAN’T SWIM!But it was a lovely place and they did have a great pool. The thing I wasn’t sure about was…who were the tourists and who was the attraction? While they were photographing the ship we were pointing our cameras back at them.The mood on the ship is happy and refreshed after our foray ashore. Pretty much everyone is over the seasickness by now (I’m counting my blessings as I didn’t get it) and all are working well together. We’re starting to get the hang of things… we should be by now as we keep furling and unfurling the same sails for no reason other than practice! Now this may seem sensible to the uninitiated but wait ���till YOU have to scramble 30 metres above deck, hanging over the yards trying to gasket the sails! It can be quite difficult, especially as the sea won’t stay still while you do the job. It has definitely been the hardest thing I’ve done so far, and not for the height factor but for the physical effort that goes into the job (I seem to be completely over my fear of heights by now). The fun is hard too. We are currently trying to beat a continuous skipping record set by a previous youth crew who skipped, in turn, over a rope 48 times without a break. We didn’t make it today but you out there, you know who you are and WE WILL BEAT YOU!! Well I had best be off now as we are about to tack the boat, i.e. turn it around, and this job requires all hands on deck. Mind you, we probably don’t NEED to tack the boat, they just like doing this sort of thing for fun.Oh and if anyone out there has a sailing boat and needs some crew I will be available for work in November… I am a hard worker, I promise, and am very keen for more!! That’s all from me, adios amigos and take care ��� ErinStay tunedAndrew Davis


13° 22' South / 136° 34'


CO's LOG Saturday 09 Jun 01Current situation at 1800: At sea off Arnhem Land, Gulf of Carpentaria. Temp 27C. Wind east at 15 knots. Position 1322S, 13634E.