Captain's Log
20 July 2001

The Sea is Glass

At 1900 yesterday evening we made our approach to the Montebellos but unfortunately conditions proved unsuitable to anchor due to tide and swell so we continued on our way. Overnight the wind lightened and from midnight we motor sailed until morning then sailed the remaining short distance to anchor off Serrurier Island at 1300.Once at anchor it was everyone aloft to sea furl then all ashore to explore, swim, kick the footy and just lay back for a while.We’ve picked a good time to come to anchor as there’s not a puff of wind and the sea is glass. Now all are back aboard and tucking into a barbecue on deck. In all a great break after a lot of hard work over the past few days.See you tomorrow,Cap’n Bob.Youth Crew entry by Sarah Froessel aged 19 from Adelaide.Today was one of the best days of my life. We sailed to a beautiful Island and spent a couple of hours playing on the beach. Heather and I also accomplished our main goal of climbing the whole mast without freaking out. The days just get better and better. Love to all my family, and Mum I got my bag at the last minute.


21° 37' South / 114° 40'


CO's Log 20 July 2001Situation at 1800 Friday 20 July 2001: At anchor off Serrurier Island. Conditions: wind nil, partly cloudy, temp 21 degrees.