Captain's Log
25 June 2000

The Perfect Dive

Yesterday evening I discussed the requirements of Command Day to the YC and the challenge that lay ahead. They still have a way to go, but I’m quietly confident that they will rise to the challenge. Awoke this morning to another glorious day and after cleaning stations the pool was opened prior to getting underway. We weighed anchor mid morning and after transiting Solway Passage, we soon had all sail set working our way south in a moderate SE breeze. After lunch it was a long afternoon of setting and furling drills interrupted regularly with tacking stations. The sail handling drills went quite well with only a few errors that have hopefully been corrected.The ship anchored in the lee of Shaw Island, another beautiful bay at 1700. We have all just enjoyed another Woody (the chef) extravaganza on the upper deck. This evening the YC will conduct their command day elections. Tomorrow is ‘Grand Final’ day with the Command Day commencing at 1000. I expect we will all be very busy. YC entry by Anita Hickey (age 23 from Roma, Qld) -After the Captain’s talk about Command Day, a thrilling movie (complete with popcorn) and an anchor watch, I managed to lay my weary head to rest. Our bodies were tired but minds were active with thoughts of the impending command day. The morning brief was highlighted by a visit from ‘Riccota’ who graced our presence to demonstrate the origin of the term ‘heads’ (shipboard toilet). To kick-start us for our days sailing the pool was opened. Several attempted to master the perfect dive from the yard arm swing rope. Most were unsuccessful, but we had fun anyway. We had another fantastic day of sailing with the watch teams practicing setting and furling drills. The continual pipe of ‘hands to tacking stations’ is still ringing in our ears. Our anchorage at Shaw Island has provided us with the perfect setting for the feast of feasts prepared by our very own Woody, the wonder chef.If this is paradise, I wonder what heaven is like. It is day seven and I’m enjoying every minute of it.Time to cut and runAndrew (and Anita)


20° 30' South / 149° 3'


At anchor Shaw Island, Wind SE 10kts, Temp 20, clear evening