Captain's Log
24 September 2015


Hi Everyone,Welcome to day 34 of our voyage. Sadly today we had to farewell our feathered friend ‘Pepito’ who passed away peacefully this morning. As you will read in tonight’s Log in which you are permitted to laugh and cry as you read it has a bird been given such a wonderful and somewhat emotional send off.Today it has been another warm one and to try and cool things down above and below decks we rigged both awnings and have kept most of the physical activities like putting harbour furls on the squares and covers on the mainsail and fisherman staysail until later tonight.Also today we managed to shutdown our main engine and generator for 2hrs and silent sail which was the first time that we have been able to achieve this during this voyage and was most enjoyable.At the moment we are currently located 50nm to the NE of the Island of Sao Vicente sailing downwind under all three squares and enjoying a peaceful evening under sail. Given the current conditions we should be able to continue to sail overnight and berth in Mindelo on schedule at 1000 tomorrow morning.Mindelo is planned to be a relaxing visit for the crew prior to our 20 day crossing of the Atlantic Ocean with the only official requirement being the co-hosting of a ‘Sundowners’ reception tomorrow night with the Australian Ambassador to Portugal who is flying in to visit the Cape Verde Islands and to meet the crew of Young Endeavour.Given the current temperature I think the World Voyagers will be heading to the closest beach and anywhere that has got some good A/C.Writing tonight’s Captains Log and Obituary for Pepito is Amy and Gilly so please enjoy. As per our normal port visits there will not be another Captains Log until we depart Mindelo on Tuesday 29 Sep 15. Until then, take careYours AyeCaptain GavAn Obituary for PepitoIt is with a heavy heart that we must inform you all of the passing of our beloved friend Pepito. At approximately 0800 this morning, 24th September 2015, he took his final breath and crossed into the aviary of endless summer. We who knew him well (Gilly and Amy), will share with you a little of our time with Pepi, the ship’s bird.We first met Pepito as he flew aft of our poop deck, before pooping on the fo’c’sle. A sprightly bird, Pepito quickly won our hearts, keeping us entertained as he discovered new perches, up forward, down aft, and aloft. Never a chirper, Pepito was like us; an adventurer. Casting loose the shackles of home, Pepito’s southern pilgrimage met with ours somewhere off the coast of Mauritania.In the last few days of his life, Pepito’s health began to suffer. Doc. Nick had no answer for our feathered friend’s rapid health decline, however whispers around the ship suggest it may have been an allergy to, or potential over-consumption of, the ship’s honey.After waking for our morning watch and enjoying a hearty breakfast this morning, it was hard to believe the news we received as we arrived up on deck: Pepito had taken a turn for the worse. It was with a tear in his eye that our fearless Watch Leader, Knuckle, allowed us to have a brief yet private vigil for our feathered friend. Soon after, we began rapid preparations for a 0900 send-off for the entire staff and crew onboard.The ceremony was touching, with tears of grief and laughter intertwined, as we celebrated the life of our dear friend.Gilly opened with a Eulogy, speaking beautifully of Pepito’s identity struggles as a pigeon on a Canary Island, leading to his breaking away from the flock to find himself. Talbot proceeded with a touching poem of love and loss, followed by the ceremonial flying of white paper cranes by Caitlin, Amy, Liv, Sam and Gilly into the ship’s wake to the chilling tones of Dougie’s fluting rendition of Bette Midler’s ‘Wind Beneath My Wings’. Following a final moment’s silence, Gilly’s voice rang out across the stilled ocean with a haunting rendition of Ave Maria, to which even the flying fish danced in memoriam.Our devoted Captain Gav allowed us a day of mourning, darkening the decks with awnings hung and shutting off all engines and generators for a few hours of silent sailing and reflection (in honour of our silent friend). Marcos also embraced the grieving period, providing thought-provoking chicken burgers for lunch.The afternoon saw Shaun pull us out of our grief, if but for a moment, with his games and frivolity during ‘Shaun’s fun times with Shaun’. Blue Watch were announced champions, with Red Watch closely following, however White Watch found ourselves too overcome with grief to partake in consuming dry Weetbix at a rapid rate, failing to accumulate many points.In life, as we lose, so too do we gain. This afternoon, a previously unknown bird with a startling resemblance to Pepito appeared on the Topsail yard, gazing out at the setting sun. Almost instantaneously, our new friend was christened ‘Pepitwo’ (pronounced Peh-pih-two), and was welcomed aboard with open arms.Of course, we will never forget our dear friend Pepito, and the gleam in his eye. We leave you with a transcript of the poem written and recited by Talbot during Pepito’s send-off. Pepito was a birdThat was seen, but never heardExiled from landHe fell like sandThrough the hourglass of deathUntil the honey-high robbed him of his last breathPepitoPepitoPepitoLike a vacuum cleaner he sucked in our loveWe revered him like a rare, white doveHe left behind a canyon of despairThat no other feathered friend may repair*May he becomeLittle floating bits of scumUpon the surface of the oceanWhere flying fish can eat his potionAnd he may return to the skies once morePepitoPepitoPepitoFin.*At this point, Pepitwo (if not actually Pepito performing a Pheonix-like rebirth) is doing a jolly good job!Yours in mourning,Amy and Gilly


17 degrees 40 minutes North / 24 degrees 16 minutes West


Currently located 50nm to the NE of Mindelo and enjoying light to moderate ENE winds with a .5m SSE swell. Our current speed is 4.5kts and the temperature is 24 degrees.